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"Building a Holy, Black, Hebrew-Israelite Nation; the Very Elect"  

                                                                                                      Dr. Anne Godly

Did Christ Sin By Saying "Father Why Have You Forsaken Me"?

Christ was beaten almost to death: His skin torn open with each blow from the rod... His head pierced with thorns sticking in His scalp... Nails hammered within His wrists... Blood gushing out from His body from head to toe...then before dying on the tree, he uttered these words, "FATHER WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME?"
Many ministers, religions, denominations and churches teach that Christ SINNED when He said those words. Let's think about this now. When I first heard this teaching, I was a preteen in a Baptist church listening to the sermon preached by my then pastor. My reaction was shock! I said to myself, "What, you mean Christ committed a sin?" The pastor explained that Christ was so filled with agony that He was delirious when He said that. He further added that God would never forsake Christ and that Christ should not have said that. Hence, many Christians believe that Christ sinned one time. Therefore, people say there is no perfect human being... not even Christ, because He did sin they say.
The bible tells us to study. STUDY to show yourself approved a good and faithful servant rightly dividing the Word of God, not ashamed. I present to you the belief that Immanuel the Christ SINNED even ONCE is a LIE STRAIGHT FROM THE GATES OF HELL. Satan the devil loves the fact that he has inspired ministers to preach this lie to their followers and have them believe they serve a sinful savior. Don't you know if Immanuel had sinned EVEN ONCE, He would be DISQUALIFIED as the sacrificial LAMB OF GOD? Father God REQUIRES a pure, unblemished and PERFECT sacrifice to atone for our sins. One sin would be too many for Immanuel the Christ to have being the Lamb of God. No, Christ had to be WITHOUT sin. "Without" means not even one.
How many sins does it take to make a sinner? It doesn't take a million, ten thousand or a hundred, all it takes is ONE. So when you say or believe that Immanuel sinned, even just once when He said, "Father Why Have You Forsaken Me?" you are falling for the deception that Satan has orchestrated to insult God by calling Him a sinner. Immanuel the Christ is God the son. Furthermore, you are saying that all Christians ARE STILL IN THEIR SINS and therefore are not forgiven; which means your fate would be the Lake of Fire prepared for the devil and his demons. Satan wants you to have the same fate as he. That is why he orchestrated this clever lie. A SINFUL savior is not a savior at all. If Christ sinned, how can He save you from sins? It's obviously impossible. Study to show yourself approved. Think!
Just because a teaching comes from a minister, pastor, evangelist, apostle etc. does not mean it is true or right. Study to show yourself approved. Ask yourself if the teaching harmonizes with all of God's Word. The teaching that Christ sinned just once does not harmonize with the true gospel. Let me explain what happened on the cross.
Yes, Immanuel the Christ was in agony but He wasn't delirious. He knew what He was saying and He said what He meant to say. The fact is God the Father knows no sin and will not tolerate sin. Christ's purpose was to come to die for our sins. He had to shed His blood as a pure and perfect sacrificial lamb. When Immanuel hung on the tree, He took on our sins. Our sins were upon Him. Therefore, in the eyes of the Father God, He BECAME sin. So the Father had to step back from Him because He rejects sin. Christ KNEW the Father had left Him and that is why He said "Father Why Have You Forsaken Me?" God the Father forsook Christ at that time because Christ represented SIN. The Father despises sin. He had to release Christ until the sacrificial process was over. Afterwards, THEY would be together forever and WE would have the privilege of being with them too... eternally.

Salvation is Better Than Sex

Let's take a deeper look at what salvation really is. Salvation is much more than anything we have experienced on the earthly realm. Frankly, if salvation is equal to or less than the best things that this life has to offer, it is worthless. If that were the case, it is better to do anything you can to make as much money and have as much sex as possible in order to have a "feel good" life until you die. Thank God that is not the case. Ahayah, the Holy God of Israel is an intelligent, wise God. His offer of salvation to the human race far exceeds the best of everything we have on this Earth all combined. Here are a few facts about what salvation really involves for those who choose to receive it.
1)Salvation is immortality. 1Corinthians 15:53 We will be like God. Many people have longed for immortality throughout the ages as they still do today. People try an earthly form of immortality by dying their hair from gray or white back to its original color, keeping in shape in a quest to stay young, marrying someone young enough to be their child, getting face lifts and so many other things; but these things come to pass.
Yet, God is offering true immortality to anyone who will repent of their sins, receive His Holy Spirit and obey His laws. Immortality involves never dying, never growing old and having supernatural power. Imagine being in your prime forever. That is what God is offering you. Your flesh will change into a spiritual composition. You will be able to walk through walls, disappear and reappear in a different location, become invisible, walk on water, fly, travel at the speed of thought and speak words that must manifest at your will. You can never get sick and will feel good all the time. Also Ahayah's character will be locked in so you will never sin again. This is the good life the righteous people will inherit when Immanuel the Christ returns to this Earth at His second coming. The righteous saints will be the first fruits in the first resurrection.
2)Salvation is royalty. Revelation 1:6 Immanuel has a kingdom and it is His great pleasure to give it to us. Luke 12:32 You will be a king. You will also be a priest. As a king you must rule. You must have territory. You must have subjects. The bible says we will rule over the nations on this Earth for one thousand years while Satan is put away. Revelation 20:1-4 We will be on this Earth, not in heaven as so many religions teach. Immanuel the Christ is coming back to take over this Earth. He gave the Earth initially for Adam to rule. Adam lost it to Satan via sin. Immanuel the Christ won it back via the crucifixion and resurrection. At the second coming Christ will unseat Satan as the ruler of this Earth. Right now Immanuel the Christ is the King elect. He has already won the kingdom, but His reign will not begin until His Father Ahayah tells Him to return to this Earth at the appointed time to set up His kingdom. The righteous will inherit the Earth. Matthew 5:5 Under the authority and rule of Christ with the righteous saints, the Earth will be much better than what it now is. Satan rules this world. He will unite the worldwide armies in a one world military to attempt to conquer Immanuel the Christ at His return to this Earth to set up the Kingdom of God. There will be a war between Christ and Satan. There will be a one world government under a world dictator influenced by Satan, whom the bible refers to as the beast. It will be an apostate world religion that is controlled by a false prophet. It will have a righteous covering but its teachings will really be contrary to Immanuel the Christ. Christ will destroy the world armies who dare to challenge Him, but those who submit to Him will become the subjects who will be ruled over by the kingdom of God. Immanuel and His righteous saints will teach them God's way of life. Revelation 2:26-27 and Isaiah 30:19-26 All animals will be tame. Isaiah 11:6-12
Even with Satan bound for one thousand years during the reign of Christ's kingdom on this Earth, some people will still stubbornly resist God's laws and will be punished. Zechariah 14:16-18
Immanuel the Christ will also punish Israel's enemies who wronged His chosen people via slavery and mistreatment. Joel 3:1-3 It will be revealed who the true Israelites actually are.
After the thousand years of Christ's reign, Satan is destroyed along with his demons. Ezekiel 28:14-18. All the people who refused to obey God and accept His way of life will be destroyed. Malachi 4:1-3 Those who do choose to obey God and accept His way of life will then inherit salvation. Finally, there will be a new Heaven and a new Earth. Revelation 21:1-3 Ahayah the Father will bring His throne to the new Earth to be with Immanuel the Christ and His righteous saints. We all will dwell together throughout eternity as the God family. There will be no more sin.
Therefore we can live the supernatural, miraculous, blissful life doing unimaginable, extraordinary things under the government of the Kingdom of God that Ahayah always intended for us. Revelation 21:18-23 God's kingdom will be headquartered in the New Jerusalem. The streets of the New Jerusalem will be gold as clear as glass. There will be twelve gates made of pearls. The city itself will be golden. Its foundation will be precious stones appearing as a rainbow of colors. The righteous saints of the first fruits from the first resurrection will dwell in the New Jerusalem with Immanuel the Christ and Ahayah the Father. Oh what a beautiful city! What a wonderful life.

Angels With a Phallus Having Sex with Women?

Where did the giants come from spoken about in the book of Genesis? Many believe they were a product of fallen angels having sex with women. There are four points that prove the theory of angels having sex with women cannot be true. First, the book of Enoch and Jasper, which contain this information, can't be trusted as a viable source. These books have been tampered with. There are several versions of the book of Enoch, all saying different things. Some of the information in these books are true, but the rest is added lies. People are easily deceived by these books because it is believed that rabbis, church fathers, leaders in the temple etc. are the ones who authored these books. Consider this: even if that is true, how many top clergymen today are guilty of sodomizing boys, raping girls and molesting children? This proves that religious leaders can indeed be guilty of base things. Remember that Christ had more disagreements with the religious leaders of His day than with anyone else. That should tell you something. Some of the clergy are faithful to AHAYAH but others are controlled by the devil. Consequently, there are some rabbis, church fathers etc. who are capable of writing books that contain lies and half truths. Hence, the book of Enoch and Jasper are not dependable sources.
On the other hand, the 66 canonized books of the bible have been challenged throughout generations and have stood the test of time and proven to be true. Second, in Matthew 22:23-30 Christ made a very poignant statement: "Angels neither marry nor are given in marriage". This statement kills the theory of angels having sex with women. Christ who created all that exists said angels are neither male nor female. Women are given in marriage and men marry. In other words, Christ was stating angels do NOT have reproductive organs. Angels were not created to reproduce. Each angel is an individually created being with no reproductive ability. This is one main reason Satan is so jealous of human beings. He so desires to be able to reproduce himself, but cannot. People were created to reproduce. AHAYAH told humans to be fruitful and multiply. Angels had no such command from AHAYAH. Animals also have reproductive ability. However, the angels are sexless. They have no sexual apparatus. They cannot have sex with women. AHAYAH doesn't do anything without a purpose. Animals and humans are purposed to reproduce; consequently AHAYAH created them with the sexual capability to do so. Hence our sex organs. Angels were not created for reproduction; therefore they had no purpose for a sex organ and were not created with one. What is the purpose of a penis? There are two: 1) for urination--do angels have to urinate? Of course not... that is a human function. 2) for sexual intercourse--Christ said angels don't have sex. Case closed.
This also explains why Satan would influence religious leaders to write the book of Enoch and the book of Jasper saying angels having sex with women produced the giants. Since Satan cannot reproduce (but longs to be able to) the next best thing for him to do is to deceive people into thinking he can reproduce. The best subjects he can use to do that job is the religious leaders. The writings in the book of Enoch and the book of Jasper has caused many people, religious and nonreligious, to believe fallen angels (demons) had sex with women to produce the giants mentioned in the old testament and also to believe demons are still having sex with women today! This is Satan's dream. He is the master deceiver, but what Christ said in Matthew 22:30 reveals the truth regarding the subject. Satan is a liar.
Third, take a look at Genesis 6:1-7. This implies that animals also were tainted by sin as well as men. Verse 7 proves this by AHAYAH saying He is destroying ALL the things He made: men, animals, creeping things etc. Obviously it was not only men becoming giants that was unnatural, but the animals must have experienced an unnatural transition as well, since they too were destroyed. A much better explanation for the presence of giants in the book of Genesis is via perverted technology, strange activity or ingestion of forbidden plants. Men had technology in the time of the book of Genesis too. When men become evil, their technology is used in an evil way to do evil things. The giants were most likely a product of gene manipulation through perverted technology or ingestion of forbidden plants. The proof lies in what is going on today. Research will help you ascertain that scientists are manipulating genes from one animal to mix with another animal to produce unnatural creatures. Scientists are also taking genes of humans and mixing them with various animal genes in experimentation to produce a combination of human/animal creatures. This is the same type of perverted technology that I believe resulted in the giants being produced in the book of Genesis. The bible also forbids eating of certain foods which can affect health. These theories make much more sense than believing demons had sex with women to produce giants. There is also more proof that perverted technology via gene mutilation or ingestion of forbidden foods would produce giants as opposed to fallen angels having sex with women. There is absolutely NO PROOF of angels having sex with women.
Fourth, remember AHAYAH created ALL ANGELS to be righteous and good. In the beginning Satan's name was Lucifer while he was holy. At that time, the demons were GOOD ANGELS. Afterwards, Lucifer sinned, became Satan and took one third of the angels, who became demons, in rebellion with him against God. Now ask yourself: How can a good angel develop a phallus just because he turned evil? It makes no sense. When they were good angels, they had no phalli. So where did the evil angels get phalli? Suggesting they acquired a penis AFTER they turned evil actually implies that a phallus is evil or perverted. That is a gross lie! Now you see how devious Satan is by perpetuating the lie that demons had sex with women to produce giants. He wants you to believe sex is dirty and that your sex organs are evil.
Christ said in Matthew 22:23-30 that ALL ANGELS are SEXLESS. Notice Christ didn't say, "angels don't marry". If He had just said that, it would leave it open to speculate that angels had sex organs but didn't marry; but Christ made a distinction by saying, "angels neither marry nor are given in marriage" to eliminate any idea or misunderstanding about angels having reproductive organs, and if God didn't give them a penis, they don't have one. This only leaves ONE way for angels to reproduce, and that is to CREATE another being outside of the ability to reproduce. The bible tells us God is the ONLY Creator, not angels. Consequently, if angels want to reproduce, they must resort to their supernatural intelligence to influence people and animals via technology, perverted activity or ingestion of forbidden foods to do so. I believe these angels influenced perverted women to use their genes with the genes of men in a way where they could manipulate the genes to produce giant human beings. I believe demons did a similar thing to the animals; influencing them to participate in strange activity or ingestion of some strange plant, which produced the dinosaurs who were also giant in stature compared to the other animals. No angel (good or bad) has a sex organ. Demons cannot procreate. Satan cannot procreate. Righteous angels cannot procreate. Satan does not have a phallus. Demons do not have phalli. Righteous angels do not have a penis. Angels do not have reproductive capabilities. There is nothing about a good angel turning evil and being kicked out of heaven that causes him to have a phallus... no phallus, no sex and no sex, no procreation and without a means of reproduction: no giants born via demons having sex with women. Now this lie is exposed for being the lie that it is.

What is the Truth About Tithes & Offerings?

Tithe paying was mentioned in the book of Genesis, which is the first book in the entire bible. Genesis 14:20 Therefore the tithing law was in effect well before Malachi 3:8-10. Malachi is the last book of the Old Testament. This proves that the tithing law was being obeyed even BEFORE Israel became a nation and BEFORE the 10 commandments were given in the book of Exodus.
God has given instructions on how to honor Him with our tithes and offerings. It is not left up to religious organizations, ministers or denominations to decide whether someone should tithe or not... or whether they should give offerings or not... and if so how much they should give. There are television evangelists, pastors and ministers who have been known to say:
"God told me to tell you to give a thousand dollars to this ministry. You've got to trust God and give what He says so you can be blessed."
"It's our hundredth anniversary! We are asking you for a love offering of one hundred dollars. God has promised me that He will bless anybody that gives one hundred dollars for our anniversary."
"I have this anointing oil that I am going to give to the first thousand people who donate at least two hundred twenty-two dollars to this ministry and the Lord told me He will bless each one with at least a five digit blessing. Yes that means you will each receive at least $10,000 guaranteed."
"This prayer cloth that I am holding in my hand is miracle working. It will heal you. You will be cured of any disease you have within seven days. All you have to do is send me a faith offering and place this prayer cloth under your pillow."
It is so important to read the bible. Anyone who wants to serve God should study the bible so you can know if a minister is telling you something scriptural or using his own words for selfish means. Many people have been deceived. Others are being used for the financial gains of unscrupulous individuals and organizations. What is the truth about tithing and offerings?
First of all, let's define what the word tithe means. Look in your dictionary to find its meaning. What does it say? A tithe is simply one tenth of the whole. In other words, a tithe is 10% of whatever you received as an increase. An increase is what you are paid for work that you do. Your earnings or profits are your increase. You can tithe on money, grain, animals, fruit etc. Today, because we no longer live in an agricultural society, a tithe almost always refers to ten percent of your money.
God is a wise God. He knows the church needs financial support to operate successfully in this world's system. The church is under the control of people and we live on this Earth, not in Heaven. Therefore we all need money. It is foolish to think a church can serve the people without finances. God established His means of support for His church to prosper and to service His people according to His will. If the church leaders and laity obey God, He rewards them with blessings. The command is given in Malachi 3:8-12 The blessing is promised if you obey. Notice God said "tithes AND offerings" both. A curse is upon those who disobey. Those who do obey are promised protection from evil and an overflow of blessings. Malachi 3:11 Even ministers are commanded to pay tithes and offerings. Hebrews 7:9
It's true that you can tell what a person loves by what they freely spend their money on. Malachi 3:10 is a test commandment. God says: prove, test, have faith in Him to bless you for obeying this commandment. Those who don't want to obey resent this commandment and ignore it or try to find excuses for not keeping it. The true servants of God have a passion for His church and obeying His word. In the new testament, Paul admonishes bountiful giving to the church. 2Corinthians 9:6-9 He states a minister who is called to serve in the church should earn a living from the church. 1Corinthians 9:12-14 However, the minister must NEVER abuse the funds of the church. 1Corinthians 9:15-18
In the old testament the Levites served in the temple and were responsible for receiving and using the tithes and offerings according to God's command. Today the ministers whom God calls to serve in the temple receive the tithes and offerings and are responsible for carrying out God's will regarding them. Exodus 29:9 explains that the Levitical priesthood God started with Aaron and his sons "shall be a PERPETUAL statute" meaning there will always be those who are called by God to serve as ministers in His temple continuously until Christ returns to this Earth. Exodus 30:30 says these Levitical priests (ministers) who serve in the temple are ministering unto God. Christ was born a Jew and yet is our high priest, even though He is not a Levite. Hebrews 8:1-2 Hebrews 7:14 Therefore, you do not have to be born as a Levite anymore to be God's minister. In the old testament God chose the tribe of Levi for His ministers. Today those whom He calls to serve in the church are His ministers. What you give to the church can only be categorized as either a tithe or an offering. This is what God ordained in Malachi the third chapter. Christ approves of His people giving money to pay their tithes and offerings to the church. Mark 12:41-44
There are three different tithes God ordered for His church. The tithe most people are familiar with is the first tithe. Numbers 18:20-32 A tithe is ten percent of your gross earnings. The FIRST ten percent of your increase (earnings) is holy to God and is to be used for His work. Leviticus 27:26,30 This is the first tithe.
The question has been asked, can the tithe be taken from your net income rather than your gross income. God comes before the government. The instructions in Numbers 18 do not say "after taxes". If you pay your tithes on your gross as the bible instructs, when you file your taxes and get a return, you do not have to tithe on your tax refund because you have already paid tithes on that money during the year. However, if you choose to pay your tithes on your net income, then if you receive a refund check, you are to tithe on your refund check because you didn't tithe on the amount you are receiving back from the government. A tax refund check is money you OVERPAID in taxes during the year. If you tithe on your gross as God instructs, you would have paid tithes on this refund amount already. Another problem with tithing on your net instead of your gross is that you don't know whether you will get a refund check or not. The tax laws change each year.
Another question is do you tithe on gifts or unearned income; such as social security, unemployment, aid checks or birthday and anniversary money that you receive as gifts. The answer is no. You need not tithe on gifts. An increase is earned money. Tithes are based on money you earn from work you do. If you mow someone's lawn to earn extra money, yes you must tithe on that money in addition to the money you earn from your regular job. You must tithe on any money received from work you do. If someone gives you a gold chain as a graduation gift, no you don't tithe on the value of any gift you receive. Must you tithe on a bonus? It depends. If your employer gives you a bonus as a gift, no you do not have to tithe on your bonus. However, if your employer says, "IF you make a certain amount of sales or complete a certain amount of work, THEN I will give you a bonus for that", under these circumstances, yes you must tithe on that bonus because it is dependent on the work you do for earnings.
The first tithe should be paid each payday. You should set aside the money from each of your paychecks and pay your tithes to the religious organization God leads you to support. In Numbers 18 it says the money from this tithe is used for the salary of the head of the religious organization and to pay for the operations of the religious organization for the spreading of the gospel.
The second tithe is to be set aside for you to enjoy the feast days. This tithe is not to be given to any religious organization. It is for you. You are to keep this tithe money in a safe place at home, in a safe deposit box or in a bank account etc. God commands you to keep His festivals that come once each year. He knows you need money to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Therefore He established the second tithe for you to save money to do so. Deuteronomy 14:22-26 Most religious organizations do not know about or keep God's feast days. These Sabbaths are called Holy Days. Sometimes they are referred to as "high days". There are seven annual Holy Day Sabbaths commanded in the 23rd chapter of Leviticus: 1)both the first AND seventh day of the Days of Unleavened Bread 2)the Pentecost which is sometimes called the Feast of Weeks 3)the Feast of Trumpets 4)the Day of Atonement 5)the FIRST day of the seven day festival called the Feast of Tabernacles 6)the Last Great Day which is sometimes called the Eighth Day.
These Sabbath days are based upon the Hebrew calender and are determined by the moon. You are to take ten percent of your earnings and save it. This money is to be set aside until the festival time comes. You spend the money on food and festival related activities. Since we don't buy or sell anything on the Sabbath days, you must take care of everything a day prior to the festival. Nehemiah 10:31 The vast majority of your second tithe money will be spent for enjoyment at the biggest festival of the year: The Feast of Tabernacles and the Last Great Day. These two festivals combined are eight days of celebration at an appointed location where God's people meet for eight days of church service and activities similar to those common for a vacation. God commands His people to buy the things they like and spend their second tithe money doing the things they enjoy for the Feast of Tabernacles. Only the first and last day of these two combined festivals are Sabbaths. Each payday you are to set aside the second tithe.
The third tithe is established specifically to go toward the support of the widows, needy, orphans and for the salaries of the associate ministers who assist the head of the religious organization. This tithe is ONLY CONTRIBUTED EVERY THREE YEARS. Deuteronomy 14:27-29 Since each person reaches their third year at different times, someone is always in their third tithe year every year. God cares about the poor. Proverbs 14:21 During your third tithe year, you are to pay this tithe each payday to the religious organization God leads you to support.
God said pay both tithes AND offerings. You are to bring an offering for each Holy Day festival mentioned above. Traditional churches collect offerings each week. This is unscriptural. Offerings are to be given on the annual Holy Day Sabbaths as God commands. We are commanded to keep His annual Sabbaths so we can bring our offerings to Him at the times He appointed. These things are important to God. God has set up His system to prosper His church and His people. All we have to do is obey. An offering can be any amount. It can be as low as one penny and up to an unlimited sum. 2Corinthians 9:7 You give the offering that you feel is a reflection of how God has blessed you to be able to give. No minister should be telling you how much offering money to put in the coffers. According to the command of God the first and third tithes and the offerings are all given to the church; while the second tithe is kept by the individual for them to spend on the holy days for food, fun and the activities they enjoy. The scriptures specify each of the three tithes, who each one goes to and what each one is to be used for as outlined in the bible.
Take note that the first day God's people are required to observe each year is the Passover as mentioned in Leviticus 23. The Passover is not a Sabbath day. No offering is given on the Passover. Offerings are not to be collected on the weekly Sabbath; only on the annual Sabbaths.
The weekly seventh day Sabbath is different from the annual Holy Day Sabbaths. The annual Sabbaths are based on the moon which revolves around the Earth. The days and nights are based on the Earth spinning on its axis. The year is based on the Earth revolving around the sun. The seventh day weekly Sabbath is based on God creating all that exists during the first six days of the week and resting on the seventh day. Everything is based on the movement of a heavenly body except the weekly Sabbath. The days, months and years are determined by the position of some heavenly body, but the weekly Sabbath is all about AHAYAH as the one and only true God. The weekly Sabbath proves God exists. It points to Him as the Creator. This is why it is so important.
Have you ever wondered why there are seven days in each week instead of three, twelve or twenty? Every civilization that ever existed from the beginning of time until today has always had seven days in their calendar week. The calendars have changed, but in each of these calendars there has always been seven days per week. The seven day weekly cycle has never changed. Why? Because AHAYAH as the Creator established the week to be seven days when He created the heavens and the Earth and all that is therein... and then He rested on the SEVENTH day... and blessed it... and sanctified it. When you keep the seventh day as the Sabbath, you are acknowledging to AHAYAH that you respect Him as the Creator of all and that you believe He exists. By keeping the seventh day as the Sabbath, you are obeying God by KEEPING the day He made holy as holy and declaring to the world that AHAYAH is your God instead of an idol god. We must remember the seventh day Sabbath by observing it on the seventh day. Since God does exist and He created everything, He has a right to tell us what to do and we should obey Him.
Now that you know the truth about tithes and offerings, you can start obeying God's laws regarding them. Don't be misled by clergymen who have strayed away from the system established by AHAYAH for your prosperity and blessings. Always read the bible to find out what God says about everything. Pay your tithes and offerings as commanded by AHAYAH's laws... and ask God to reveal to you which religious organization your tithes and offerings should be given to according to His will.
There are some religious people who will say "We don't have to pay tithes anymore. They contend that is an old testament law and we are not under the law, but rather under grace now." The response to that is: What is grace? Grace is the blood of Immanuel the Christ as the Lamb of God atoning for your sins IF YOU REPENT OF YOUR SINS. When you repent of your sins, grace will cause God to forgive you of your sins as you walk in the newness of life. Your new life is a life in obedience to God's laws. Your old life was a life of sin. What is sin? IJohn 3:4 explains sin is the transgression of God's laws. There is no grace for someone who refuses to obey the laws of God. What is righteousness? Isaiah 45:19 "I the LORD speak righteousness. I declare things that are right." Keeping the laws of God is righteousness. So in order to be a righteous person, you must be obeying God's laws. John 14:15 God says "If you love me, keep my commandments." What does God command regarding tithes? Malachi 3:6-12 God's Word is eternal. There is no new testament law that terminated tithing. The tithing law is still in effect.
Some religious people say the law has been done away. Think about it. If the law has been done away, there is no such thing as sin anymore. If there is no law, there is no sin. If that were true, everyone; rapists, murderers, child molesters, thieves, liars, cheaters and all sinners would enter God's kingdom without repentance, because grace would apply to them too. No, the law has not been done away. The law is eternal. What has been done away is the penalty of death for those who repent and walk in the newness of life in obedience to God's laws. God will forgive your sins, if your repentance is sincere, when you fail to keep His laws as you walk in the newness of life with the attitude of obedience to His laws. Those who don't repent are still under the death penalty for their sins.
The bottom line is BELIEF. Read Genesis 15:6 Those who believe God are counted as righteous people in the eyes of God. Contrariwise, those who DO NOT BELIEVE God are unrighteous. If you truly believe God will bless you with abundance for paying your tithes and offerings, you will not hesitate to do so. You will be glad to do it. It would be to your advantage. Obviously, those who don't pay their tithes and offerings do not believe what God promised in blessings for obedience.
Therefore, when you get right down to it, the real question is:
Do you believe God?

Who Is YOUR God?

Everything that exists had to begin somewhere, somehow. Moreover, the beginning had to be eternal. The Eternal created everything. That is why the most important question anyone can ask is "Who is your God?" The right answer to that question is the most important answer. There are many idol gods, but only one, true and living God Who created all that exists and rules all He created. His name is AHAYAH.
Israel was surrounded by Gentile nations who all had their own gods. They worshiped these idols with orgies, child sacrificing and all kinds of rituals. Here are the names of some of the idol gods mentioned in the bible: Nisroch, Ashtoreh, Milcom, Chemosh, Molech and Baal. Recent research has revealed that the names: Yahweh, Yahuweh, as well as the other forms of this name; including Jehovah etc. are all names of idol gods. God identified Himself as AHAYAH via the Burning Bush. The son of God is Immanuel the Christ. Make sure you are not referring to God by an idol's name. Who is YOUR God? The answer to that question determines how you live, what you think in your heart and ultimately what your fate will be.
Satan is so slick that he has infiltrated many Christian religions with the erroneous belief that they no longer have to keep God's laws, due to the blood of Christ atoning for their sins. Many believe they can live in sin and still be saved.
Think about it. You were living in sin BEFORE Christ died and resurrected. What need would He have to shed His blood for you to live in sin like you were doing before His death? Yes, it's true that His blood atones for your sins, but God requires you to walk in the newness of life after you receive Christ as your savior. Sin is like mud. If you were covered in mud and God cleaned you up, what good would it do if you jumped right back in the mud? The idea is to keep yourself clean. Who is your God?
An idol god will allow his servants to continue to live in sin. If you serve an idol god, you can pretty much make your own rules. After all, you created the idol, so you get to be the boss. That's why idol gods are so appealing. Many people want to be free to enjoy sin because it feels good. They don't want to admit they like sin because they know it is wrong. So outwardly they confess a desire to have God in their lives, while still choosing to do things the bible refers to as sinful.
However, AHAYAH requires obedience to His laws. There are some Christian religions that teach the ten commandments are done away and no longer in effect, but Christ disagrees with them. Christ said in JOHN 14:15 "If you LOVE me, you will KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS." On the contrary, if you DON'T love Him, you WILL NOT keep His commandments. That is straight forward. There is no room for confusion. AHAYAH will forgive you if you sin, provided that you repent of your sins in sincerity. Just remember, AHAYAH will not let you make a fool out of Him. The ten commandments bear the distinction of being the ONLY words in the bible written by AHAYAH with His own finger etched in stone. That is eternal. God wrote the ten commandments Himself. All the other words in the bible were written by man inspired by the Holy Spirit. The ten commandments will be in effect forever. They reflect God's character. All who love God will keep them today, tomorrow and forevermore. Who is your God?
An idol god will tell you, you don't have to keep the ten commandments. You are free to steal, kill, rape, cheat, lie... if you want to... and you can stop anytime you get ready... and start again when you feel like it. It's all up to you. Who is your God? Are you serving an idol god while thinking you are serving the true and living God? If you want to serve the true and living God, you must keep His commandments. They are not suggestions. They are commandments.
Don't be deceived by false religion. Read the bible. Obey God, the One Whose name is AHAYAH. He is the only true and living God, Who created all that exists and rules all that He created. Make sure you have the right God.

The Freedom In Forgiveness

"He cheated on me and it hurt me so bad that I will never forgive him,"... "White people enslaved our ancestors and treat us like dirt, even today; so I'll hate them forever,"... "I did her a favor by giving her a place to stay when she was homeless, then she rewarded me by stealing all my money and leaving town; now I will never stop searching for her so I can beat her down".
It hurts when someone wrongs you. It makes you so angry that you can explode. However, the sooner you forgive them; the sooner you will be free from the control they have upon your life. Being unforgiving puts the perpetrator in control of your emotions and sometimes your actions. Don't allow yourself to be a puppet for them any longer. Forgive them.
Everyone knows forgiveness helps the one who is guilty of wrong doing. They get a clean slate and with it a chance to redeem themselves by making things right. That's true, but Immanuel didn't forget about the victim either. He knows you hurt inside. He realizes your pain. He cares. He thought about you too. That's why He told you to forgive, not for the perpetrator, but for yourself.
You learn the freedom in forgiveness when you release the pain, anger and hurt you received when you were wronged. Immanuel fixed it that way. Both the perpetrator and the victim are helped and healed via forgiveness. Forgiving the one who hurt you relieves the pain. Forgiving the one who angered you gives you peace of mind. Unforgiveness causes a tremendous amount of stress on your internal organs, that if held on to long enough, will cause diseases. Many people today are suffering from cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney problems, heart conditions, fibromyalgia and migraine headaches simply because they haven't forgiven someone who wronged them.
Don't try to punish the other person by not forgiving them. This is foolish because you are not hurting them. They are going right along with their life. Sometimes they don't know about your feelings, and even if they do know you haven't forgiven them, they may not care. You are only hurting yourself being unforgiving. Why cause yourself health problems? Don't give yourself a shorter life over something you can control. You can't control them, but you do control yourself. Forgive them. Feel the relief. Experience the peace. If you don't do it for them, do it for you. God wants you healed. You can do it. Be healed. Be whole again. Be forgiving.
If necessary, ask Immanuel to help you to forgive the other person. He will give you the strength to do so. Also, Immanuel said if you don't forgive other people who sin against you, neither will He forgive you for your sins! Matthew 6:14-15 If God doesn't forgive you for your sins, the only fate for you is the Lake of Fire. You don't want that. It's not worth it. They are not worth it. Be wise. Immanuel said forgive them as He forgives you when you sin. He will continue to forgive you. Likewise, you must continue to forgive anyone who does you wrong, whether they ask for forgiveness or if they don't care. Forgive them anyway. In the end, you will win... as long as you keep forgiving. Forgiveness is freeing. Set yourself free. Forgive.
Oh by the way, FORGIVE YOURSELF TOO. If you made a mistake that you are beating yourself up about, God has already forgiven you. He knows you are sorry. All He asks is for you to forgive yourself. Do it! Be healed. Receive Immanuel's blessings.


In biblical times a day began at sunset and ended at sunset the following day. Immanuel has never changed His way of keeping time. His days still begin at sunset each day and end at sunset every evening.
In compliance with this biblical format, when I fast, I start my fast at sunset on the day I choose to fast. I have found a way to fast that is so spiritual and effective that you might want to try it too.
First, choose to fast on your day off from work, school or other activity. This will allow you to concentrate on Immanuel and the purpose for which you are fasting. Focused fasting is the best kind. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose of fasting. Most people fast to get closer to Immanuel or to receive a special revelation from Him. If you fast while working or going to school, too much happens to interfere with your relationship in communicating with AHAYAH the Father. Treat the fast day (or days) as if they were Sabbath days in your home. You can create a "church" like atmosphere within your home without having to attend church during your fast.
Of course during a fast you must not eat or drink anything. Deuteronomy 9:9 and 9:18. There should be no controversy over this fact. As you can see, it is scriptural. I realize there are teachings contrary to the laws of AHAYAH regarding this subject. You can either obey God or your clergyman if he disagrees with God.
In biblical days, the people were much healthier than we are today. They ate food that was not treated with hormones or steroids. Their water was pure. They could fast longer than we are advised to do today. Some of their fasts lasted up to seven days. Our water is contaminated with chemicals that affect our bodies. Our food is processed and breaks down our bodies over the years. Most doctors today advise only up to three days of fasting to prevent dehydration. Unless you have divine intervention operating in your fast, such as it was with Moses, Elijah and Immanuel; who all fasted for 40 days and nights, your fast should last for 3 days or less. The bible doesn't give any specific rule on how long a fast should be. There are examples of from 3 to 7 days in duration for a fast by some of the righteous people in the bible. The vast majority of fasts last for 24 hours.
While fasting, I listen to only gospel music. Religious music creates an environment of praise in your home. I read the bible during my fast. If there is a subject I want more understanding of, I use my fast day to research and study scriptures on that subject. I use encyclopedias, dictionaries, bible hand books and any source that agrees with what the bible projects as true. I use the bible as my foundation and any source that is in compliance with the bible is a welcome reference. I pray multiple times throughout the fast about whatever it is that influenced me to want to fast. I ask AHAYAH to reveal His will to me, to lead me and to help me with the issue that concerns me. I also watch religious telecast of ministers giving sermons. I listen to religious broadcast of ministers doing sermons on the radio too. I have found sometimes AHAYAH will give me my answer through these sermons. Sometimes He doesn't. Either way, always fast with faith. Pray with belief to receive what you are seeking from AHAYAH. God cannot lie. He is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. He will indeed come through for you. He loves you. Just wait. He will be there in His own time. You will receive what you seek. Your answer will come. Some blessings come only through fasting and prayer.

The Truth About the Garden of Eden

If you understand what happened in the Garden of Eden, it will give you knowledge above that of the average person. The foundation of our relationship with AHAYAH begins in the Garden of Eden; as well as how man relates to woman. Understanding the meaning of the events in the Garden of Eden is understanding people and what makes them "tick".
Read the entire first chapter of Genesis. Right away we see evolution is a lie, because animals were made after the animal kind, but man was made after the God kind. Man was made in the image and likeness of his creator AHAYAH. Also, notice AHAYAH created everything, but man, by simply speaking it into existence. AHAYAH spoke and it was created. However, when creating man, instead of speaking the word, AHAYAH used His hands to build (make) man. Later he used the rib from man and His hands to "form" woman. A different word was used in describing what AHAYAH did to the body of man versus how he handled the body of woman in the creation process.
AHAYAH could have also just spoken the word and created people too as He did all the other things, but instead He used His hands to create human beings. Why? He wanted a personal relationship with people. He had planned that we be members of His family. We were made like Him. There is a purpose for that. We look like God. People have two eyes, a nose, a mouth, two hands and two feet. So does God. We have a brain so complex that scientists have not even scratched the surface in understanding everything about it. The best computers cannot come close to its capacity. Animals don't have these things. They have paws, hoofs, snouts etc. and their brains pale in comparison to the human brain. We don't look like animals.
Human beings are like AHAYAH, except He is made of spirit and people are flesh and blood. Righteous people who have God's Holy Spirit are the children of God. If you have God's Holy Spirit you can call Him your Father. Genesis 1:26-27 proves the equality of man and woman. The word "man" here refers to men and women being made in AHAYAH's image to have dominion over all things on the earth. This fact is brought out fully in verse 27 by the words "male and female". The bible establishes monogamy as AHAYAH's choice for family and marriage as He gave Adam only one wife with the command "replenish the earth". Adam later proved he never had another wife when he spoke the words in Genesis 3:20 referring to Chavvah (Eve) as "mother of ALL living". Only ONE woman can be mother of ALL LIVING. The word "all" means 100%. Every human man and woman can trace their lineage back to mother Chavvah (Eve). Note that the original name for the first woman is Chavvah. The name was changed to Eve much later and is most likely taken from an idol goddess.
Chavvah was tempted to eat of the fruit that was forbidden by AHAYAH represented by the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. She had in mind to taste it BEFORE Satan spoke to her about it. She was thinking about touching it already. It was easy for Satan to nudge her over the edge into sin. Notice what Chavvah said when Satan asked her about the forbidden fruit in Genesis 3:1-6, "God said you shall not eat of it, neither shall you touch it, lest you die." God didn't say "neither shall you touch it." Genesis 2:17 Consider since AHAYAH said "the day you eat of it, you will surely die" that He was declaring the tree of the knowledge of good and evil as the TREE OF DEATH. Chavvah's comment reveals that she was thinking about touching the forbidden fruit. She was tempted to eat it, handle it, hold it. Her curiosity and desire was so strong that when Satan asked her about it, she instinctively mentioned touching it. Eventually she would probably had eaten the forbidden fruit, even without Satan's influence, if enough time had passed. Chavvah's mistake was focusing on the very thing that AHAYAH told her not to partake of. Adam's mistake was loving his wife more than God. Whatever or whoever you love more than God becomes a god to you. The bible says Adam was NOT deceived, but the woman was deceived by Satan into believing she would not die if she ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Apparently being concerned that she would die was the only thing stopping her from partaking of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil even sooner. Satan solved that issue by lying to her. Adam, knowing Satan was lying, still partook of the tree; choosing the same attitude his wife chose to have rather than obeying God.
The tree of the knowledge of good and evil is not just the tree of the knowledge of evil. It is also the tree of the knowledge of good. Realize it is the tree of the knowledge of both good AND evil. This is why people are a mixture of good and evil, not just one or the other. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil represents DECIDING FOR YOURSELF what is good and what is evil WITHOUT any regard to AHAYAH's laws. The tree of life represents OBEYING God's laws faithfully; doing what He tells you to do and refraining from doing anything He tells you is wrong. It is obeying AHAYAH whether you understand or not. It is having faith that AHAYAH is always right. It is making AHAYAH the supreme authority in your life.
The tree of life was in the middle of the garden near the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Genesis 2:9 Adam and Chavvah could have taken of the tree of life. Had they done that, they would have lived righteously, had great prosperity and an intimate relationship with AHAYAH. Instead they chose to have the attitude that they were intelligent enough to decide for themselves if what they did was right or if it was wrong. This attitude leads to death. They took the place of God as the authority in their lives. Only AHAYAH can decide what is right and what is wrong. He is the Creator of all that exists. People are not. People can only choose to do what is right or to do what is wrong.
Every day of their lives people either are partaking of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil or the tree of life. If God says something is wrong, what is your reaction? Do you choose to disagree with Him... or do you obey Him?

Secret Meaning of Matthew 20:1-16

The parable of the hired laborers spoken by Immanuel the Christ has a meaning that most never see. The landowner, representing God, hires laborers to go into His field to work for pay. Of course, the laborers represent us.
First notice that God has a reward (payment) for all His people. When we do a work for AHAYAH and His son, Immanuel, we can expect to receive the payment due for the work completed. AHAYAH doesn't expect you to work for free. Also realize, the field (vineyard) belongs to God. We brought nothing into this world and can take nothing out. Everything belongs to God, including us. AHAYAH created all and rules all. Read the parable.
The first laborers negotiate a deal with the landowner to work for Him the entire day for a denarius, which represents a full day's wage. They are quite satisfied to be working and receiving full wages for their labor.
Later at the third hour, the landowner hired more laborers, but these laborers accepted a promise from the landowner for an unknown wage. Not knowing what they would be paid, they trusted the landowner's word that their wage would be "right". They worked anyway.
Again, the same thing happened the sixth hour and ninth hour as more and more laborers were hired to work in the field; until finally at the eleventh hour the landowner saw idle laborers, whom no one had hired, standing alone. These workers also agreed to work for an unspecified amount in the landowner's field. Everyone was happy to have a job to earn their living.
At the end of the workday, the landowner told His steward to call the laborers from the field so they could receive their wages. The instructions were to begin paying the last hired first in succession and ending with the first hired being paid last. So it was.
When the first hired laborers who happily agreed in their negotiation with the landowner to work for a denarius, received their full day's wage, they were angry because they thought they would receive more than a full day's wage, since they worked more hours than their coworkers. They felt the landowner was unjust and unfair. How many times have you felt God was being unfair? The steward took their complaints to the landowner who talked with them about the matter:

"It's not fair for you to only pay us a denarius when we worked about eleven hours. These other workers only worked six or nine hours or so... and these last workers only worked ONE HOUR! How can you make them equal to us? We did more work and should get more pay. Give us our money that you owe us! We demand our rights."

"Did not you negotiate with me to earn a denarius for a full day's work? I paid you what YOU asked for. I have done you no wrong. You are only angry because I paid these other laborers who trusted me to treat them right, the same wage I paid you. They worked for me not knowing what their pay would be, but you told me what to pay you. When you negotiate a contract with someone, you must keep the terms of the contract. Your contract has nothing to do with the agreement I have with someone else."

The secret message is: Things always turn out better when you TRUST GOD to give you what He says is right, rather than deciding for yourself what you think is right.
At the beginning, things may look a certain way, but at the end, the picture might be totally different when all the intimate details are revealed... and you can't change it then. AHAYAH knows the beginning from the end. No intimate details can slip up on Him and surprise Him. Think about how many times in life you made a decision based on the knowledge you had at the start and later on found out it was a bad decision after it all played out. Don't treat God like you treat people. There are people who are not trustworthy. They will double-cross you and cheat you, but AHAYAH will never do that to you. AHAYAH is righteous and holy. He loves you and wants the best for you, but because He is a fair God, if you don't trust Him and therefore make a deal with Him based on what you think is best, He will hold you to what you agreed to. Learn to trust God. You don't have to know everything. AHAYAH does. You don't have to see everything. AHAYAH does. Keep it simple; just trust God and obey His laws. He has the power to work things out so they will come out as He wills. Read Isaiah 14:24

Religions Teaching Women Must Cover Their Heads

There are churches that teach women must wear a head covering during church services. This teaching is derived from the scripture in 1Corinthians 11:3-10. However, if you continue to read the scripture until the 15th verse, you will have the right understanding. Apparently, most people stop reading at verse 10.
A background of the culture during biblical times will help a person to understand better what the apostle Paul was talking about in these verses. First of all, there was much idol worship by the Gentile nations who dwelt in the lands around Israel. They had temples with statues of idols built so they could have their sexual rituals to honor their gods. These rituals included homosexual activity, as well as fornication, adultery and having sex with animals. All kinds of perverted acts were committed in praise to the idol gods. Temple prostitutes frequented these rituals to obtain work. It was common for a temple prostitute to either shave all her hair off to become completely bald or to shave a portion of her hair off for partial baldness.
Also, if you read Deuteronomy 21:10-13 you will find that even AHAYAH, the God of Israel, gave instructions on shaving off a woman's hair in certain situations. This was not uncommon in those days. The apostle Paul knew this when he wrote 1Corinthians the 11th chapter. The people of his day had this knowledge and therefore understood at that time what Paul was stating.
Today, in order to be clear about the instructions Paul is giving in this scripture, we also need this background knowledge. Verses 1 to 4 are self explanatory, but verse 5 is where the problem of misunderstanding begins.
"but every woman that prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head"... for that is even all one as if she were shaven.
This simply means if a woman has partially shaven her hair or if she has developed a bald spot in her head from aging, she is to wear a hat, scarf, cap, wig or something to cover the bare part of her head. Verse 6 adds to the misunderstanding if you don't understand verse 5 already.
"For if the woman be not covered, let her also be shorn: but if it be a shame for a woman to be shorn or shaven, let her be covered."
This is an addition to what was expressed in verse 5 to explain if a woman doesn't cover her bald spot or any part of her head where she shaved off the hair, this is just as shameful as it would be for her to be completely bald headed; and since it is a shame for her to be completely bald headed, then she must cover the bald spot that she acquired unintentionally from aging or the part of her head where hair has been shaved off purposely. Verses 7 to 9 are easy to understand.
Verse 10 is tricky because it refers back to the Garden of Eden, when the first woman acted without the headship of her husband. Chavvah (Eve) took the headship role from Adam after being confronted by the devil. She made the major decision to eat of the forbidden fruit without first consulting her husband as her head. Adam was the head of the family.
"For this cause ought the woman to have power on her head because of the angels."
In other words, a woman should wear a head covering to conceal her bald spots or the bare part of her head where she shaved her hair off, as a sign to the fallen angels (demons) that she respects the line of authority in marriage. The covering on her head represents to the demons that she submits to the proper order of authority mentioned in verse 3: First; Father God, second; Christ the Son, third; the man and then the woman.
Verses 11 to 14 are self explanatory. Verse 15 is the clencher!
"but if a woman have long hair it is a glory to her: for HER HAIR IS GIVEN HER FOR A COVERING"
Many people miss that! Paul said the woman's hair is a COVERING for her. Therefore, if a woman has a full head of hair, she is already covered and does NOT NEED A HAT, SCARF, CAP or anything else to cover her head. HER HAIR IS HER COVERING. This is the point the religions who teach that a woman needs to wear a head covering during church services misunderstand or deliberately ignore to keep their traditions.
A woman who has a bald spot needs to cover her head with a hat, scarf, cap, wig or other covering. A woman who has shaven her hair off exposing her scalp partially or completely needs to cover her head with a hat, scarf, cap, wig or other covering. A woman with enough hair to cover her entire head needs not wear any other covering on her head, because her hair is already covering her head. Verse 15 makes this very clear.
The bible must be read with understanding. Sometimes you must read other chapters, books and verses to understand a certain verse. Other times, you have to research history to understand a bible verse. Isaiah 28:10
Most women do not need to wear anything on their heads in church. Their own hair is adequate in fulfilling the instructions given by the apostle Paul in 1Corinthians 11:1-15. Women only need to wear a head covering if their scalp is exposed. In such cases, the covering conceals their head, which represents respect for authority.

Man is Head of the Family

Every Christian man knows that God says he is the head of the family. It is amazing what image comes to people's mind when they hear the word "head". In earthly terms anyone who is the head has his own way and does what he wants to do, but God's way is different.
Immanuel said, "The greatest among you shall be the servant of all". A husband is to be the servant to his wife and children, because he is the greatest in the family. His focus must be on doing what is best not for himself, but for the entire family. He should keep the family living within the laws of AHAYAH and lead by example. Every decision he makes, that affects the family, should only be made after discussing the matter with his wife; allowing her input and together the two of them making the final decision that is best for the family. If he and his wife cannot come to an agreement after both have expressed their thoughts and feelings on the matter, then as the head, the husband must make the final decision that he believes is best for the entire family.
So many men mistakenly think being the head means having their own way and dominating their wife to carry out their selfish desires. Not so. That is the world's way. God's way is founded on His laws. The husband must keep the laws of God and enforce God's laws in his family. The relationship a husband is to have with his wife is like that of Christ and the church and like the Father has with the Son.
Men should understand that submission is willing, not forced. So many Christian men try to force their wives to submit to them... a big mistake. Submission is voluntary. Christ voluntarily submits to His Father. The church voluntarily submits to Christ. A true Christian woman will voluntarily submit to her husband as long as he is instructing her within the laws of AHAYAH. No wife should disobey the laws of AHAYAH even if her husband tells her to do so. We all must obey God rather than man. God first, your spouse second.
Let every Christian husband seek to do the will of God in his marriage. Let him serve his wife and children, and let the wife respect her husband as her head. Let the children obey their parents. Being the head means being the greatest servant, leader, protector and enforcer of God's word. The man is the head of the family.

Trust Makes You Vulnerable

There is so much to be said about faith. Without it, God cannot give you the miracles He wants to do in your life. Faith is so simple that it is easy to miss. Just believe. It's that simple... and that hard. Believe is the verb. Faith is the noun. The heart of it all is trusting God. It's scary to trust God. After all, you can't see Him. You can talk to Him, but not in a conversational exchange as you can with another person. Therefore, it takes faith to even go to Him to ask for what you want. You are talking to an invisible God. You have to believe that He hears you. You have to believe that He cares. You have to believe He exists. You have to believe that He has the power to grant your desires. It's all about faith, based on trust. Trust makes you vulnerable. Trust involves taking a chance. It's risky. You open yourself up for being hurt when you trust God. It's like letting yourself fall depending on someone to catch you. That's a tall order and that is why so many people are afraid to be blessed. Everyone wants God's blessings, but many miss out on receiving them. Why? Fear! You have to make yourself vulnerable to be blessed.
Christians often say, "I know God can heal me" or "I know God will bless me with the money I need". Don't say you know it, believe it instead. A lot of people know things that they don't believe. God uses the word "believe", not the word "know". It's important to stick with what God says. Don't improvise on God. There is a good reason He uses the words He chooses.
You have to release yourself. Determine that you are going to believe what the bible says, simply because it says it; accept it, and act on it. That's faith. It's above reasoning. It's above reality. It's spiritual and most people are so physical that they fall short of God's requirement to simply believe. It all boils down to not being afraid to trust God. The only way to overcome that fear is to JUST DO IT.
You will know when you are ready to be blessed. The evidence is: when you can accept God's word as true, over and above what you see, feel, hear, taste, smell or think. When you reach that spiritual plateau, God can bless you with anything you want. Believing God's word when the facts and conditions are contrary to His word is very challenging, but not impossible. Just do it.
Believing is more powerful than knowing. Even a child may not know something, but he can believe. There is so much we don't know about. Knowledge is limited. Belief is infinite. You can only know as much as you have learned through book study or personal experience, but faith has no boundaries. Yes, it is venturing into the unknown to believe God. Trusting what God says does make you vunerable to whatever He chooses to do. You have to give up control of your life to do it. That's scary. Thoughts might go through your mind, such as, "Will I get hurt?", "Is God gonna be there?", "Suppose I fail.", "What will people say about me?" Regardless of the circumstances, believe anyway. Who said it would be easy? Just do it.
The wonderful thing about trusting God is the end. In the end, you will win. It's guaranteed to work out for your good, not as you will, but as God wills. Frankly, sometimes we are more concerned about God doing what we want Him to do, rather than what He wants to do. Watch your attitude. Make sure you are humble. Trusting God requires humility. Who is the boss, you or God? If it's you, then you don't need Him. He will only work for you if He is the boss. God will work it out in the way that is best for you. Sometimes it will be different than what you expected. God's way is not your way. Trust Him. Are you humble enough for God to bless you with everything you want? Notice I said "humble enough". Meditate on that. Watch your attitude.
Trusting God involves humility, vunerability and self sacrifice. Trade your selfishness in for selflessness. The steps are: 1)Treat God's word as true. 2)Reject anything that contradicts God's word. 3)Regardless of how things look, proceed with joyful expectation that God will do all He said He would do. 4)Stay focused and encouraged by daily reading the promises that God made to His people, knowing that He cannot lie and therefore must fulfill them. 5)Receive your blessing in God's own time. Guaranteed!

What is the Opposite of Love?

As a child, I was taught that the opposite of love is hate. Hate is a good answer to the question "what is the opposite of love?", but there is a better answer. When I became a young adult, I studied psychology where I was taught the opposite of love is indifference. Indifference is a better answer to the question "what is the opposite of love?". Yet still, there is the greatest answer to the question "what is the opposite of love?". This answer is spiritually discerned. 1Corinthians 2:6-16 One has to be spiritual in order to receive it. All Christians are on different levels of spiritual maturity. Some are babes in Christ, others are teenager/young adults, but the elect are mature adults in Christ on the high spiritual level. 1Corinthians 3:1-3 Once you become well versed in the word of God; fully submitted to knowing and keeping all of God's laws, in subjection to His will and humble before Him, it will be revealed to you what the true opposite of love is. The BEST answer to the question "what is the opposite of love?" is: the opposite of love is SIN. There is no other answer that is truer and more correct than "sin", because God is love. John 14:15 Even Satan is not the opposite of God in the truest sense, because he was at one time a good and righteous angel named Lucifer. Satan opposed God when iniquity was found in him. Iniquity is lawlessness, a type of sin. Unlike Satan, sin has ALWAYS been the opposite of God. Therefore sin is the truest, most correct and best answer to the question, "what is the opposite of love?". Love is God. The answers "hate" and "indifference" are not incorrect. They are just on lower levels of understanding. Hate is on the elementary level of understanding and indifference is the intermediate level. The elect of God know and understand on the highest spiritual level, that the opposite of love is definitely sin. Read Romans 13:10 Love does not do any wrong to its neighbor, therefore love is the full expression of God's law. John 1 tells us God is His word and His laws are a perfect reflection of His character. For those who can receive it, let it be received. Babes in Christ cannot receive it (even though they are Christians) because they are in need of milk. You can't feed a baby steak. It will choke him. Meat is for mature people. God wants us to continue to grow in knowledge and understanding of His word. You must strive to become an adult in Christ so you can receive the meat of God's word. Sin is the opposite of love. The more you overcome sin, the better lover you will be. Can you receive it?

God's Laws on ReMarriage

      Some religions teach that you cannot get a divorce. Yet, God divorced Israel. Other religions teach that you can get a divorce, but if you do, you must stay single for the rest of your life. The best way to live is by the Word of God. Search the scriptures to see what God has to say about the issues in your life that you have questions about. This way, you will know God's laws on divorce and remarriage.

     God makes provisions for the righteous. Consider this: it wouldn't be fair for a righteous person to marry someone they have been led to believe is righteous, only to find out after marriage, their spouse is sinful and unrepentant; influencing the righteous person to divorce them and have to live in unfulfillment for being single until death. God's thoughts for His people are good and not evil all of their days. However, we cannot go by what we think is good. God tells us what is good in His Word. Everything has to be done by the Word of God.

     To divorce on unbiblical grounds is a sin and an offense against the Holy God. God has sanctioned in His Word laws for divorce and remarriage. The biblical grounds for divorce are fornication or abuse of God's temple (your body). 1Corninthians 6:18-20, Matthew 19:9 If indeed you have the Holy Spirit dwelling within you, then your body is the temple of God. We are to protect God's temple with healthy living and avoiding injury. The list is very limited on biblical grounds for divorce. Ideally, God wants us to stay married. Virtually, God's grounds for divorce is anything that would put you in sin because of the marriage.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

      Of course, you don't have to divorce for fornication, abuse etc., but God allows you to, if you desire. The key is: you have to keep yourself from sin. God hates sin. If you choose not to divorce due to fornication, you subject God's temple to diseases from the unfaithful spouse, unless you choose to be abstinent. We are required to keep our bodies for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit cannot abide in uncleanliness, filth, unholiness and the like. If you choose not to divorce due to abuse, you have to separate from the abusive spouse to protect God's temple. Under these circumstances, many people would choose to divorce, because there is no guarantee their spouse will repent or of the length of time it will be if they do.

     If you choose to divorce for biblical reasons set out in scripture, you can remarry. Deuteronomy 24:1-2  There is scripture that permits marriage after divorce. God allows you to remarry.