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"When your enemy encourages you to do what he once lynched you for, that should give you pause..."  

                                                Dr. Anne Godly

Our Babies Are Being Killed...Why?

It's happening in Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles and all over the nation. In fact, it's happening in the continent of Africa too. Everywhere there are black people, our babies are being killed. This is no accident. There is a reason for the action.
If black people would wake up and realize who they are, it would all make sense and they would understand what is going on. It goes back to the bible. It's all about history.
I was conversing with a man about the true identity of black Americans. I told him we are the Israelites in the bible whom God chose as His people. Our ancestors were freed from slavery in Egypt, brought through the Red Sea on dry land and wandered in the wilderness under the leadership of Moses, until God gave them the promised land of Israel; which they lost possession of because of their sins. They were scattered into all nations and their land is now occupied by those who call themselves "Jews".
The brother I was talking to is of a church denomination who accepts the occupants of the land of Israel as the Jews. The vast majority of the world does. Practically all black people do too. This is a great deception. Having been taught this lie via his religion, this brother asked me, "What has that got to do with salvation?" He was suggesting that blacks being God's chosen people is irrelevant since being black won't save you. My answer to him, "It has everything to do with salvation... salvation was offered to Israel FIRST. It was extended to the Gentiles only AFTER Israel sinned." Salvation was offered to the physical people God gave His name to: ISRAEL. Race is a salvation issue. This is the true gospel that few people know. Immanuel Christ said, "Salvation is of the Jews". Immanuel Christ was a Jew, a black man.
It's interesting that the only time people tell you "it doesn't make any difference what race Christ is" is when you prove He is black. They say this to try to nullify its importance, but when Christ is depicted as a white man, which is most of the time, then this statement is never uttered. Why not? The Gentiles were grafted in as "spiritual Jews". Now salvation is open to all people spiritually. However, if you want to teach the whole gospel, the true gospel, you have to start with Israel, a physical race of black people consisting of twelve tribes. Moreover, God promised Israel that He would restore them back to their land AFTER He punished them for sinning against Him. This has not happened yet, but will occur at the conclusion of the Great Tribulation. Notice the bible refers to the Great Tribulation as the time of "Jacob's Trouble". Who is Jacob? Abraham's grandson whose name was changed to Israel. Jacob (Israel) is the father of the twelve tribes of Israel. God placed all the curses in Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 26 on His chosen people. Read the curses in these two chapters in their perspective books. There is no race of people on the Earth that has suffered ALL of these curses EXCEPT the black race of people the bible identifies as the true Israelites. We don't know who we are as a whole, but our enemies DO know. They know who we are very well. This is why blacks are being targeted for elimination.
Research the "problem-reaction-solution" perspective. The intelligentsia often refer to the process as "thesis-antithesis-synthesis". It involves what is going on with the killing of black babies and black people in general. This is the plan: The international bankers control the world via money. All governments need money to operate. The international bankers have all the money, so they control the governments. The politicians of ALL parties are bought and sold into their pockets. They tell the politicians what laws they want passed. They choose the politicians who agree to be a puppet for them and they make sure their puppets win the election. They own all the major corporations in the world so they control the jobs and mostly everyone's livelihood. They control the financial markets. They can cause it to crash when they will and they do sometimes. None of them are black. They disdain black people. They know black people are the true chosen Israelites whom God loves. These bankers are idol and Satan worshipers historically. The bible prophesies this is the time the Gentile kingdoms will rule the Earth. Satan wants God's people destroyed. Satan controls the world via these bankster (banker) families.
How are they killing blacks? The elimination process is all inclusive and targets blacks on every level. (Take note that all races will be affected but the main target is black people) The plan gets revamped as needed over the years. It gets more sophisticated as time advances. Years ago enemies of blacks, such as the Klu Klux Klan, would simply invade the communities of blacks, grab black men and hang them on trees. On occasion, they would lynch a black woman, and even rarely the black children too. Now in addition to killing black people in various ways on the outside, they also get black people to help in their own elimination process from the inside. Case in point: the numerous abortion clinics in black neighborhoods versus white neighborhoods. The purpose is to get the black women to kill their young before they are born. They encourage black women to abort their unborn babies. No children, no future.
Another way is to prescribe drugs to black women that cause an increase in the production of "special education" children. Anyone who has a career in education can tell you about the dramatic increase in "special education" students. There are so many mentally challenged children it is noticeable. So many students are on prescribed medication. Also notice the drastic number of schools being closed in black neighborhoods. Compare that to the white school closings. In the city of Chicago, where President Barack Obama owns a house, the ratio is 50 to 1. Only one white school closed compared to fifty black school closings. The purpose is to discourage black children from being educated. The powers that be realize if the black children are poorly educated, they will be easier to control.
Futhermore, when I was in school, we had black history as a subject that all the children were taught, but now the schools are not required to teach black history anymore. Our children know nothing about their ancestors. The idea is to make blacks dumb and keep them dumb.
Additionally, there is a devious plan that is affecting the black race and our existence. Can two men procreate? Can two women produce a child? Absolutely not! That is why so much information is being fed to the black community to accept homosexuality. Blacks more than any other race have been adverse toward homosexuality. The powers that be want that changed. The bible warns us regarding this. Faithfulness to homosexuality causes extinction. It is sad to say that the powers that be who control the churches of popular ministers advocate homosexuality. Some of the ministers are homosexual. Some very popular ministers have the gall to say the bible needs to be changed to become politically correct by including homosexuality as an alternate choice of lifestyle. These ministers are bought and sold just like the politicians whom the powers that be use as puppets to do their bidding. A minister who doesn't believe in the bible is like a doctor who doesn't believe in biology.
Using the church is a very powerful weapon against black people. Our church has always been an integral part of our culture. Most black people respect and are deeply influenced by their minister. Ministers are often put on a god like pedestal. This is very dangerous. If a minister is not faithful to the bible, their ministry should be rejected by the black community.
This ungodly trend has permeated the churches so thoroughly, that there is no right or wrong anymore. In the church are couples who live together out of wedlock, single people having babies, homosexuals in leadership roles over the choir and music departments, some ministers are sodomizing young boys and molesting girls, fornication and adultery is running rampant in churches all over the nation. All this is part of the plan. The enemy knows if he can turn us away from our God, he has us. Satan knows if we disobey God's laws, if we lose our morals, God will step back and allow him to destroy us. Their plan is working. Look at black people. Our people are in a crisis. The best way to destroy a people is to do it in a way where they don't know it. If they don't know they are being destroyed, they won't fight back. Their enemy can even get them to cooperate in their destruction under these circumstances.
Another thing is the tremendous increase of black men being paired with women of any race but black and black women being paired with white men or any race except black. This is not a mistake. Black people must realize that anytime your enemy starts allowing you to do something that he used to kill you for doing, something is up. The powers that be are encouraging blacks to marry and/or have babies with any race except their own black race. Why? Eventually it eliminates the black race. It takes at least three generations. This attack against blacks is serious.
They are not only killing our babies, they are using us to help them prevent pure bred black babies from even being born. Black men and women need to commit to marrying, having sex and making babies with ONLY BLACK spouses... with no other race BUT BLACK.
Black people look around. Notice things. What happened to the so called "Indians"? Where are the native Americans? The white people put them on concentration camps and now they have slowly declined in numbers over the years until they can't be found. Did they just disappear? Of course not. Were they eliminated? Think about it.
There are FEMA camps cropping up all over America with thousands of COFFINS ready to be filled with bodies. Whose bodies? Research it yourself if you don't believe this. Wake up black people. We need to get back to morals and return to our God. We need to read the bible and find our true identity and live according to the laws of our God.
The powers that be are planning a police state. They are ordering the killing of black babies, black men and black women to cause an uproar within the black race in protest. They want blacks to demand protection. When this happens on a mass scale, they will tell black people, "Okay, we'll protect you." Next, to black people's surprise, a police state will be brought in with a Nazi like attitude. It will be just like Germany under Hitler.
Why do you think they are telling people, especially blacks, to turn in their guns? Why do you think our driver's license now includes our medical information? Why do you think they ask what race you are on so many forms and applications you have to fill out? Why do you think all these new laws have been passed that allow the government to infringe on our BILL OF RIGHTS? Why do you think tracking devices are on our cell phones, computers and credit cards now? Why do you think drones that can follow you and fire ammunition are being produced? Why are city police departments becoming militarized?
There is a reason a "black" man was placed in the white house as the president of the United States at this opportune time. He is actually "mulatto", not black. His mother was white, he was raised by whites and grew up around whites. He looks black and calls himself black. Barack Obama was chosen by the powers that be to preside over America between 2008-2016 to keep the black people PACIFIED while they carry out their plan AGAINST our race... and to get the black community to accept HOMOSEXUALITY. The black race was the only race to consistently reject homosexuality until Barack Obama. Now homosexuals have acceptance all over the world, even in Africa where homosexuals were killed for practicing their lifestyle, until Barack Obama. The Obama administration refused aid to any African country that would not change their laws against homosexuals. Many African countries changed their laws to accept homosexuality to keep from starving without American aid.
I heard a comedian tell a so called joke: "I am so glad to see a black man as the president of the United States that even if Barack Obama brought back the slavery of black people, I would still support him."
That's what he said.
The powers that be know this and that is why we have a "black" president... but if you look at his record, President Barack Obama has done nothing exclusively for the black race. If he were a white man, who looked white, called himself white and had the same record he now has, the black race would be criticizing Barack Obama for ignoring them, but the protests are non-existent because he is accepted as a black man by the black race. Black people are so glad to have a "black" president, they don't care. They accept anything he does and defend him.
The powers that be are shrewd. They have their think tanks. Everything that is happening is all part of the plan... the 100 year plan, 50 year plan, 25 year plan, 20 year plan, 10 year plan, 5 year plan, and the 1 year plan.
Our babies are being killed as part of the plan to eliminate God's chosen people, the true Israelites. Killing our babies is a method to get us to request protection from the government which will lead to a police state. The bible prophesies a one world government ruled by a one world religion. Returning to our God is our only hope. Obtain a 1611 or authorized King James bible. Read it daily and commit to keeping God's laws all the time. Only the very elect will be saved.

Dumping On The YouTube Website

YouTube is such a popular website owned and operated by Google, that many religious organizations use it to present their beliefs. After first becoming familiar with YouTube as a fan, I learned so much from the videos presented by individuals as well as organizations, that I found YouTube an enjoyable website for entertainment and educational purposes. It was perhaps years later that I chose to use YouTube as a means of communicating the gospel truth from the bible in a way that was unaltered by religion or denomination as an addition to the Godly Ministries website which remains the main source for the church's doctrine.
Before I experienced it myself, I heard a minister of a popular YouTube channel expressing that he knew of no church or ministry that has used YouTube that had not been censored in one way or another... if they were too truthful about any given subject. I thought to myself when I heard him say those words, that if he is telling the truth about YouTube, my day of censorship would be coming soon. Afterwards I just carried on with my work in the gospel truth.
Just as this minister warned, YouTube-Google did initiate censorship on my ministry videos. I did a video sermon on "Angels Having Sex With Women" telling the truth about it and giving the proof that it could never be true. YouTube immediately silenced my video and my YouTube channel. If you clicked on my channel or any of my videos, you could see the video moving but could not hear anything. YouTube demanded that I remove that video. YouTube then put me on probation saying I had so many months to complete before I could ever make that kind of "mistake" again. Otherwise I would be throw off of the YouTube website. I have stumbled upon videos on YouTube that were much more explicit than anything I said in my "Angels Having Sex With Women" video that had not been censored. Why weren't those videos censored? I think it is because they don't contain a gospel message.
It appears to me that YouTube is limited in their tolerance of the gospel truth. You can tell a biblical lie and never be censored. However, if you tell too much truth on a biblical subject, you are sure to be censored if you put a video on YouTube with that truthful message. This has been my experience.
I also noticed when people with opposing views make a negative comment on my videos, YouTube generallly will allow them more lines of viewing before they hide the remainder of what they say beyond the "read more" click on than what they allowed me in my response to the opposer. Many times someone would comment negatively on my video and get 5 lines showing their comment before the "read more" click on, then I would respond to them and YouTube would only give me 2 lines showing what I said, with the remainder of my comment hidden under the "read more" click on. This happened too often on too many different subjects to be a coincidence.
This has led me to believe that YouTube-Google is owned and operated by those who have limited tolerance for the gospel truth. Consequently, I have no future plans to ever add any additional videos to the YouTube website. The videos already on my YouTube channel will remain as long as YouTube allows, but no additional videos are likely.
Future teachings from Godly MInistries will be presented on the Godly Ministries website solely. There are multiple pages of information for any bible student, minister or just anyone who really wants to study the bible and know the truth that has been researched and proven without adhereance to any religion or denomination. The unaltered truth straight from the bible backed up by research not only from the bible, but from other sources as well to prove that the truth we teach is THE TRUTH is what we are all about. That's what we do. We have a library of bible knowledge.

Has The Truth Made Me Your Enemy?

The bible asks a profound question in the book of Galatians, the fourth chapter and the sixteenth verse: Have I therefore become your enemy by telling you the truth?
I can think of nothing that a person can do that will cause someone to be angry, uncomfortable, scared or "turned off" more than simply telling the truth. So many people will say they want to know the truth, but when you tell them the truth, you find they don't want to accept the truth. Some won't hear it. What they do want to hear is what pleases them, whether it's truth or not. Many don't want to know the truth. They want to know what's easy for them to live with. Others do love the truth.
I was having a conversation with a friend about how I hate for someone to lie to me. I explained to him that someone, I will call Guy, promised me something and then when the time came for me to receive the promised item, I found out he never intended to fulfill the promise. He just told me something to satisfy me for the moment. I was very displeased with Guy to say the least. Futhermore, Guy had a habit of doing this to me for years. Of course I developed a distrust for Guy and it had an affect on my level of respect for him as well. Had Guy been a man I was dating, I would have gotten rid of him within the first two or three lies, but he wasn't. Guy had a prominent position in my life, so I had to deal with him and his lies. After relating these facts to my friend, he told me why Guy did this to me. He told me that he does the same thing to people. His explanation was: "Guy just wanted to make you happy. He knew you wanted the item, so he promised he would give it to you so you would feel good. That's all." My reaction: How do you think I felt when I didn't receive the promised item? The good feeling of anticipation turned to disappointment... and over a period of years, with Guy lying the same way over and over again about different things, it damaged our relationship. I let my friend know he should stop lying to people, because the "let down" is more intense than the temporary good feeling you get when you are made to believe a lie, only to find out later it was not true. My friend responded by telling me he likes to make people happy, so he will continue to lie to people, even though they feel sad in the end when they find out he was lying. He said, "at least I made them happy for a while."
That doesn't compute with me. The truth is what I am interested in rather than the good feeling. Feeling good is great, but not if it's based on a lie. Apparently, I am different from the average person when it comes to these things. However, my friend did tap into something. He has observed people long enough to know they prefer a lie over the truth, if it makes them feel good. That is why he is committed to lying to people to make them happy, knowing eventually they will find out the truth. He figures after they find out the truth, they might feel bad for a while, but they will get over it and be alright. He said it's worth it.
... But the liar is not the one paying the price emotionally, the other person is. Personally, I don't agree that it is worth it. Just tell me the truth. I'd rather deal with truth. I'm going to have to deal with the truth eventually anyway. So why not tell me at the beginning? That's my attitude. Even so, I have to admit that I understand my friend's point of view (though I don't agree with it) because I have made enemies by simply telling the truth; especially in matters regarding religion. The fact is if you stand for the truth, you will have enemies. My friend is more interested in making people feel good. I am more interested in truth. I have found that truth becomes easier to bear the more you receive it. When you live it daily, it is very comfortable for you. You don't want anything less.
Have I therefore become your enemy by telling you the truth? Unfortunately, the answer will often be "yes" if you show people what the bible says versus what their religion teaches. If you take the bible and show them the written word on its pages, you might be surprised that you will often receive a rejection. Read Isaiah 30:8-11 People want to hear what makes them feel good. They want to hear what pleases them. Many religious people don't even read the bible. So they have no idea what it says anyway. They go by what some minister tells them. They never check up on him to see if what he says is right. They do no research on their religious beliefs; yet they put their religion above the bible. Everyone I know who has researched the bible has proven it is true. Religion is good when it agrees with the bible. Otherwise, it is not. I guess people figure their religious leader went to school and has a degree, so he should know what the bible says. They don't know most seminaries are controlled by a denomination who focuses on teaching their religion, not the bible. Consider the fact that there are so many students today that have graduated from school and have a diploma who can bearly read or spell. What does that do to the value of a degree? Consider that the apostles and Christ had no degrees. (with the exception of one or two apostles) Christ used "unlearned" men to spread the gospel. All they had was Him and the written scriptures to learn from. They learned the truth and it had such a profound affect on them that they were willing to die for what they believed. That is one characteristic of the truth when you become akin to it from living with it daily. It is so important that you love it more than life. Some people love the truth. Immanuel the Christ died for telling the truth. Immanuel's Word is Truth. Immanuel is His Word. Immanuel is Truth. Galatians 4:16 Have I therefore become your enemy by telling you the truth?

Lesser of Two Evils

I feel the same way each election. I always wait until the final day before even deciding whether or not I am going to vote. I realize my ancestors died to give me the right to vote. They were lynched. Their churches were bombed. Some were beaten, and even children were killed. I want to respect the sacrifices that my people made for me. I appreciate the efforts my ancestors made to give me a better life than that which they had.
Unfortunately, I feel there is no one who really represents me. Realistically, only two parties have any chance whatsoever to win and they are the Republicans and the Democrats. Both are controlled by the same powers that be. It's always the same choice: the Republicans (though they are hypocrites) lean toward the morals that I embrace. For example, abortion should be illegal. I know it is against the will of AHAYAH to take an unborn child's life, just because his birth would be an inconvenience to his mother. She should have thought about that before engaging in sexual activity that she knew could produce a new life. What's wrong with using birth control to prevent the life, instead of trying to take the baby's life after conception? Adoption is also an alternative. There is no need for abortion. Couples who can't have children, but want them, will gladly receive that child. Another issue is homosexual marriage, which is against the teaching of the bible. How can I in good conscience vote for someone who advocates what God says is a sin? What's worse is the homosexual community is succeeding in getting laws passed that restrict the true gospel from being preached. Legislation states that calling homosexuality a sin is prohibited in some places. AHAYAH calls homosexual practice sinful. This law infringes on the rights of ministers to preach the bible and heterosexuals to practice their religion.
On the other hand, the Democrats lean toward being more sensitive to those who are the "have nots". That is a good thing. The bible teaches us to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. No one would want the government to cut out programs that they need to survive without FIRST giving the people jobs so they won't need the programs. The jobs should be created first, instead of the cuts being made first. Not helping the poor is immoral. There are wealthy people who criticize the poor, but factually unless someone taught them how to become wealthy or helped them to get where they are, they wouldn't be wealthy themselves. Many of the wealthy people made their wealth from the cheap labor and purchasing power of the same poor people they criticize. So both the Democrats and Republicans are immoral.
There you have it. Either way I end up voting for someone I don't want in office. I am so tired of voting the lesser of two evils. When it's all over, I still am responsible for putting an evil person in control of our government. That doesn't feel good. So what do I do? Decide not to vote? I don't know.
I want a righteous person in office who knows the laws of God and keeps them... Who won't pass or advocate laws that are sinful AND who also has compassion on the middle class and poor by giving them the help that they need to live a better life. I doubt that there will ever be such a candidate. I appreciate the privilege of being able to elect public officials, but I hate that my vote can only put pre-selected individuals in office that are controlled by international bankers. I still don't know what I am going to do. As usual, I will wait until election day and then decide if I will vote... and if I do, then for who.

Identify the Mark of Beast

The Mark of the Beast is an interesting topic to speculate. It has not been revealed exactly what is identified as the Mark of the Beast, but there is bible scripture that gives us a very good idea of the likely possibilities. In the scriptures that I give in my "Mark of the Beast" video on Youtube, you can identify with pretty good accuracy what the Mark of the Beast really is.
Firstly, Let's understand the three things which name the identity of the Beast. 1)His mark 2)His image 3)His number. The bible speaks of these three things identifying the Beast. God says His laws are to bind our hands and our foreheads. These are the same words used about the Beast power being a mark on our foreheads and on our hands. A mark and a sign are identical, except one is used positively (sign) and the other is used negatively (mark). Therefore, if God's laws are a sign upon the hands and foreheads of those who love and obey Him; the Mark of the Beast must be his laws, which violate God's laws, that people who are fascinated with the Beast obey. Obviously, these people put the Beast government above God. Consequently, those who receive the mark, number or image of this Beast government, are they who make a God of the Beast; and in so doing violate God's laws.
The words forehead and hands are used because of what they represent. Your brain is in your head and represents your mind. People who love God have His laws as a sign in their thoughts. They think pure thoughts. They meditate on God's word. They internalize God's law in their minds. Your hands represent what you do. God's people do His will. They live a righteous life. They do good to others. They keep God's laws and obey His word. They love Him.
Likewise, the people who receive the mark, number or image of the Beast keep the laws of the Beast. They make the Beast their god. They obey the Beast because he brings them prosperity. Notice God says His laws are to be a sign on your hands and forehead, but He never mentions anything about buying and selling. However, not only does the Beast government require those who are faithful to him to keep his laws, but he also includes the rule about buying and selling. No one can buy or sell without the Mark of the Beast. The Beast includes money, commerce and trade in his laws.
So we know from the scriptures that the Beast government will come forth in the last days and will legislate laws which violate the laws of God. (An example is the law passed now that allow same sex marriages). The Beast will be influenced, and probably possessed by Satan. He will appear wonderful on the outside, but is evil behind closed doors. Apparently, he will come into power at a time of great economic stress. His ideas will bring great prosperity to the world and solve the economic problems. Afterwards, everyone will love him and make a god of him. Money has often turned the minds and hearts of people. The bible tells us in the last days people will be lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God. The Mark of the Beast are the laws the Beast government will legislate.
Secondly, the Beast will also have an image. I believe the image of the Beast will be his photo, inscription or imprint on his currency. When Immanuel asked those who were challenging Him about paying taxes, "Whose inscription is on the coin?" Their response was, "Caesars". Immanuel said, "then render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's". This incident causes me to believe that the image of the Beast is his picture on the currency that he will introduce in his worldwide money system. It has always been common for a head of state to put his "image" on the money that he issues to his citizens.
Thirdly, the Beast has a number. I believe his number is a credit card that he will issue to his followers, which he will eventually advance to a R.F.I.D. chip that will be inserted into the hands or arms of his people. All credit cards have a number given to the recipient by the bank and credit card company who issues the card. The number given exclusively belongs to the recipient. Their activity can be tracked at any time within the system. When you use your credit card, the issuing company knows: where you shopped, what time you shopped, what you purchased, how much you spent and the date you did all of that. There has been much talk of having a "cashless society" by the powers that be. If the number of the Beast is a Beast card or Radio Frequency Identification Chip, instead of paying with cash, your employer can simply swipe your Beast card or the hand or arm where your R.F.I.D. chip is located to pay you your wages. When you shop, all you have to do is swipe your Beast card or hand/arm where your R.F.I.D. chip is to deduct the price of what you buy. It is very convenient. The world seems to be leaning toward gradually prodding people to accept this scenario.
God's people must exercise faith to reject the mark, number or image of the Beast and depend on Him to provide our needs. We simply have to trust God to feed us, clothe us and shelter us. He did it with the children of Israel in the wilderness for forty years. He certainly can do it for us for three and a half years.
Finally, it has not been proven what the true Mark of the Beast is, but I think these are strong possibilities of what will manifest as the truth. Mainly we just have to wait and see. God will see to it that we KNOW what the Mark of the Beast is in plenty time to refuse it. Watch as well as work and remember, don't take the Mark of the Beast.   AG


Something is going on that cannot be just a coincidence. It's there each time you read the newspaper. It's on the television news. You hear it on the radio news. You can even see it on the city streets; the elimination of the Black race. Blacks are being killed and dying at an alarming rate! It's happening in Africa and in America alike.
In Africa, Blacks are being allowed to starve to death, while enough food is being thrown away in America to feed them all, instead of it filling our garbage cans. Some countries in Africa have Blacks dying of thirst because there is no clean water. Yet, water purification means exist that can solve this problem. Armed groups of men are invading African villages killing anyone who refuses to join their ranks. Some children are forced to either kill their mother or face death themselves. The other governments of the world know about this, but they don't intervene because no value is put on the lives of the people in Africa.
The United States government has over the years sent billions of dollars to "help" the Iraqi people. Armies have been deployed to keep "peace" in Iraq. Yet, not so for any African country. Why? Obviously, things are going the way the powers that be want them to go.
Look at America. Black on Black crime is epidemic. Non-Black on Black crime is high. A common scenario is a police officer shoots and kills a Black man whom he says has a gun. After searching the dead body of the Black man, it is found he was unarmed. Reaction? Oh, well; ho-hum.
Planned Parenthood centers are mainly concentrated in Black communities to encourage abortion. Some Black people unknowingly support these facilities not realizing that initially they were established for Black genocide. Margret Sanger founded American Birth Control League, which later became Planned Parenthood. Margret Sanger had Nazi connections who say Blacks and Jews should be eliminated from Earth... and attempts have been made to do so. There are reports that the Black race is shrinking. Due to a large number of abortions of Black babies and the high mortality rate of Blacks, especially Black men; there are not enough Black babies being born to offset the Blacks that are dying. Contrarily, all the other races are continuing to have more babies being born, than older people dying, so they are increasing. Only the Blacks are decreasing in number. Coincidence or genocide?
In Chicago, Black schools have become a death trap for their youths. A staggering amount of Black children are being killed monthly, weekly and even daily. Chicago can host the N.A.T.O. summit and protect V.I.P. leaders from all around the world; keeping them safe and unharmed, but fails to protect the Chicagoans who live there everyday. Huh? What's wrong with this picture?
Blacks appeal to the cities for protection... not much luck. Blacks appeal to the states for protection. Florida answered with a law that says you can kill someone if you feel threatened, but who's being killed? Ask the family of Trayvon Martin.
On the federal level, Blacks are being accused for everything that goes wrong. If you have AIDS, oh the Black people caused it. If you don't have a job, it's the Black people's fault. When taxes are raised, many say it's because we got to take care of these lazy Blacks... and so on. It's so amazing to me how the general public continues to fall for the same tricks over and over again. You see, it's not a Black/White thing. It's a rich/poor thing. The powers that be are rich and they control the politicians with contributions to their campaigns. They don't contribute all that money and get nothing in return. The politicians are puppets and the puppeteers are the top 1% rich and super rich. They own the corporations and control the governments through financial contributions. The powers that be stir up trouble between the races, when it benefits them to do so. They keep the races fighting against each other, so neither race will take time to notice they both have the same enemy. They also control the political atmosphere. It's called: Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis or simply: Problem, Reaction, Solution. It's planned to go as follows: They decide what they want first, then they create the necessary circumstances, using the public to get what they want. For example, if they wanted to put cameras all over your neighborhood to know of your daily habits and activities, a good way to do that would be to allow the crime to go unrestricted. Afterwards, so many people would become victims of crime that the public would cry out for a solution. Help! As a solution, the powers that be will place their cameras anywhere in your neighborhood that they want and you won't complain, because you think it's for crime prevention. You see how that works. They use you to get what they want without you even realizing what they are doing.
Some Blacks still haven't learned that the Democrats are no different than the Republicans in reference to the Black race. The Democrats pay more attention in trying to get the Black vote ONLY because they need it to win against the Republicans. If they can figure out a way to win without the Black vote, believe me, they would ignore the Blacks just like the Republicans do. The truth of the matter is the Blacks really have no one who is truly in their corner. Consider this, even when the Democrats win, does the general state of Blacks really improve? Blacks are lucky if the politicians keep just one promise that they made to them. Anybody that moves to do anything of substance for the Black race always ends up dead. That couldn't possibly be a coincidence. It happens each time. Blacks need to repent of their sins and return to their God. He is our ONLY help. We can't depend on politicians who are being controlled.
The powers that be tried to destroy the Black family by ripping the Black man from the headship role. Back in the 1960's, the Black man was the head of his family. Since then, the civil rights leaders were killed. The Black race felt a kind of hopelessness. The Black Panthers were insturmental in keeping the drugs out of the Black community, until they were massacred. Afterwards, drugs were deliberately pumped into the Black community. Most of the factories which employed the Black men where closed up. The country transformed from manufacturing in factories to business in offices. These office jobs often required education or skills that the Black men didn't have. So the Black man found himself unemployed. The office was more suitable for the skills of the Black woman. Years later, the Black woman replaced the Black man as the head of the Black family. Today, 70% of Black families are headed by Black women.
The powers that be are the top 1% who control the corporations and the government. I believe they really thought they would destroy the Black family by ripping the Black man from his headship role. It's true, the Black family took a serious blow; BUT IT WASN'T DESTROYED. Yes, some Black men resorted to crime, too many Black children, especially boys, drop out of school... but the Black woman showed herself capable of being the head of her family when necessary. She raised her Black children and some are so successful they are the pride of their race. I don't think the powers that be expected this. They underestimated the Black woman.
Now I am noticing a move to rip the Black woman from the headship of the Black family. There are constant attacks to bring the Black woman down, just like it was against the Black man previously. More Black women are dying of AIDS than anyone else. There is not much education on how to prevent the disease in their communities. More Black children are being raised by their grandparents due to the mother being a drug addict. So many Black children love rap music, but in some of the songs, if you pay attention to the lyrics, the Black woman is degraded in the music. The Black youth's mind is being filled with attitudes against the Black woman. The results: Black boys having no respect for their mothers, older Black women or Black girls and Black girls accepting base treatment from Black boys. The children are our future. What does it look like? I don't think this is a mistake. Who controls the music industry? The ones who control it decide what kind of music will be produced. Whites have successfully used certain Blacks to do their "dirty work" against other Blacks for centuries.
The government job programs are a joke. I have been in a few myself to no avail. Maybe 30 years ago they were great, but have you checked them out in recent years? The government designates only enough money to really help a few, but mandates that the grants go to many. They try to divide a set amount of money to cover too many people. Consequently, it ends up being only a few dollars per person. Usually, you finish the program with very few skills and no job. The programs are set up to fail. The government has the programs to keep the public from accusing them of not doing anything, but in using a limited amount of money to try to help so many, they end up not helping any. They are going through the motions, but nothing significant is being done. It would be better to use the set amount of money to help a few people, so each person can have an efficient grant amount to be trained adequately and placed on a good job; rather than to squeeze too many people in a job program that focuses on quantity instead of quality. I am speaking from experience. Over the years, I have been in about 3 or 4 separate government job programs and NONE OF THEM TRAINED ME ADEQUATELY OR PLACED ME ON A JOB.
So many Black people get into these job programs and get despondent and quit before they even finish the training. I know why. When you are Black, it can seem that everywhere you turn, something goes wrong... BUT THERE IS HOPE IN GOD. I desire to see my people unify in AHAYAH. The powers that be are leading this world to destruction. The "useless eaters" (as the 99% are sometimes called) are looked on upon with disdain by the wealthy. There is a process of elimination going on.
The middle class is also deliberately being taken down. Just in case you haven't noticed, most of the jobs that are high paying with good benefits are either being stripped of their kudos or closed out completely. The unions are getting the axe. The powers that be are pitting the working class against the middle class. The working class have no sympathy for the middle class, because they are struggling themselves; having to go without some things they want. So when the middle class has their pay or benefits reduced by the rich politicians, the working class supports the politicians in doing so. You see how that works. The powers that be are experts at pitting us against each other; when we all are in the same boat... and our boat is sinking, while the powers that be are sailing in a luxury liner that is very much afloat. Have you noticed that no one ever insists on the politicians or corporate C.E.O.'s taking a pay cut or giving up their benefits? The public is brainwashed. The plan is to eliminate the middle class jobs and replace them with low paying jobs with little or no benefits. The jobs that are being created are all low paying. Eventually, as the middle class union jobs are all phased out and more low paying non-union jobs are created; the only jobs available will be low paying ones. Two classes will exist: the very rich and the very poor... much like in the third world countries. Look around. Do you see it happening? Little by little, step by step, inch by inch... it is developing. Things are moving in the direction of the elimination of the middle class, while the 99% remains distracted with "issues" created by the powers that be.

Female Circumcision

Many women in Africa are being butchered in an "operation" called female circumcision, where the little girl or woman is taken through a process in which her clitoris is removed. The pain of removal is excruciating, but many mothers allow their daughters to suffer through the "operation" because most African men will not marry a woman unless she has been "circumcised".
A lot of the men practice polygamy and claim that this female circumcision increases a woman's fertility so she can have many children. However, the bible is clear that only a man can be circumcised. The true meaning of circumcision is to remove the foreskin from a man's penis. A woman doesn't have a penis and therefore cannot be circumcised. The word of God emphatically states all the MALES were to be circumcised as a sign that they belong to the God of Israel. There was no such order for women.
This act is barbaric and unscriptural. Women are being victimized every day with this painful activity. I personally believe these men do this to the women in Africa because of polygamy. A man who has multiple wives knows that he can only sexually satisfy them within limitations, and as he gets older those limitations increase. Therefore, to prevent his wives from becoming sexually involved with another man behind his back due to his inability to keep them satisfied, the women are butchered by having the clitoris removed.
When a woman has no clitoris, she can not "feel" anything sexually. She has no orgasms. She has no sensations. She receives no pleasure from sex. She can only be a baby making machine.
Circumcision on a man or boy simply improves cleanliness. It doesn't have any negative affect on a man's sexual desire, interest, feeling, pleasure, orgasms or sensations. The men who practice polygamy in these countries want to enjoy sex, but don't want their wife to enjoy sex because they are afraid she will cheat. The women are made to suffer because of the men's fear, insecurity and hypocrisy.
Female circumcision is not circumcision. It is actually equal to male castration. Calling it circumcision is a deceptive term. This is one of the results of a polygamous lifestyle. One sin leads to another. Polygamy is a sin.


When it comes to religion, (oh excuse me, can we use that word anymore?) people say they "just want to know the truth", but the reality is they don't. Factually, they just want to prove you wrong and themselves right about religious beliefs. They already know what they believe. They don't want to change. Their religion is a tradition that they follow. You can prove that what they believe is false and they still won't accept the truth. They will cleave to what they believe anyway.
Case in point: I talked to an old friend who doesn't even go to church, but believes in God and refers to himself as a Christian. We hadn't seen or talked to each other in months. He finally paid his phone bill and decided to call me to see what was going on in my life. I was happy to hear from him, so we began to talk about every subject from A to Z. Since I was completing my degree at that time, the subject of religion came up. Most people over 40 were raised going to church, however many parents nowadays don't insist on their children going to church. As a result there are more students calling themselves atheist than ever before. Also the school curriculum focuses on evolution rather than creation due to control from the powers that be.
I was born and raised as a Baptist in a traditional American Black church. I've been in the church all of my life. My friend told me he spent a total of from 5 months to a year attending church from his childhood up until now. The thing we both had in common was (until I was in my mid twenties) I never did research on anything I was taught in church to ascertain its accuracy. Most of you reading this essay haven't either. My friend hasn't. Yet, he challenged me about religion.
Now forgive me you all, but when I consider that this man has spend less than a year of his life attending church, compared to the fact that I have spent considerably more time in church, have researched the bible to find out what is true and have several degrees in church related subjects; I think I should be given credit as the more experienced party involved. Nevertheless, like most people do, my friend consistently debated with me about what is true and not true about the bible. This is a disturbing trend in religion. Most people have no clue as to why they believe what they believe. They are very emotional about their religious beliefs. They are sensitive when challenged. They have no proof that what they believe is true, but they will fight you to the death about their religion. They blindly received their religion from someone they trusted without any proof whatsoever. The bible can contradict their beliefs and they will stick to their beliefs over what the bible says.
I confess, I used to be the same way... then I looked at the church I was attending and began to question things. I saw so much hypocrisy from the clergy on down to the membership. The older I got, the more I became aware that many people who attend church, don't actually obey The Creator's laws. Some of them don't even know His laws. Truly, I found that most church people only read the bible once a week during church service and don't anymore until the next week. They don't study The Word. They do no research about what they are taught. They accept what their religious leader teaches as fact. Some go as far as to treat their religious leader as God. (One woman got mad at me because I didn't use the title "reverend" when referring to her pastor). We were having a general conversation, I called her pastor by his last name without the preceding title and she expressed indignation.
My turning point came when I decided to start reading the bible myself at home. When I first did this, I was twelve years old and I only read one chapter a day from the New Testament. In about six months I was finished... and to my surprise, I knew more about the bible after reading it myself for only six months than I had learned in all the years of my life attending church once a week for a few hours. I let that realization suffice until I became twenty, then I had enough. I decided I wanted to be around clegymen and members who really believed the bible and practiced obedience to the teachings of the bible. I started researching the bible. I got bible dictionaries, bible encyclopedias, bible books, concordances, non-biblical encyclopedias, bible atlases, bible hand books and all I could find to study. First, I wanted to find out what is true so I would KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE and then I wanted to have the PROOF that what I believed is true. What about you?
I literally showed my friend bible scriptures that proved what most Christian churches teach about the bible is wrong; one example is concerning the immortality of the soul, dying and going to heaven or eternally burning in hell but never ever burning up. Think about it, if people die and immediately go to heaven or hell, why do we need a resurrection, since we would have already been judged? My friend and I talked for 3 to 4 hours, about 3 days each week for 2 or 3 months, during which I proved everything I taught him with multiple bible scriptures to back up everything I said. He went back and forth talking to the ministers that taught him the erroneous information he had first received, and even though he admitted that I proved everything I taught him was true, he decided since all the other churches are teaching the same thing he initially learned, he would continue to believe the wrong information. Throughout our conversations he kept reiterating that he "just wanted to know the truth" but when I showed him via bible scripture what the truth is, he actually prefered his religion above the word of God. Such is true for most.
So why lie and say you want to know the truth, when in reality you just want to argue to try to prove your religion is better than someone else's? I'll give another example: most religions teach that The Christ was crucified on Good Friday and resurrected on Easter Sunday. This is the most popular holiday for practically all Christendom. In the bible, Christ spoke that He would be 3 days and 3 nights in the grave. Count from Good Friday to Easter Sunday. How many days do you have? Certainly not three, but only two. You see the difference when the bible is put up against "people's religion"? If we go strictly by the bible and what it teaches, the vast majority of religions, even Christianity, fails to be accurate. If the bible is God's word, then it is true. So the religions must be false. All the religions contain some percentage of truth from the bible, then they add their own beliefs to it. They take some stuff out and put other stuff in. Afterwards it becomes "their religion". Religion that is pure and undefiled is good according to the bible, but where did the teachings that contradict what the bible says come from? That's what you need to find out. Rather than saying that you want to know the truth, why not do the necessary research to find the truth?
My friend never did any research after our 3 month debate about the bible. I tried to get him to commit to reading at least one chapter per day in the bible. He told me he wasn't going to read the bible. He only reads it when he is debating someone on a particular verse: he looks up that verse (you have to tell him what the chapter and verse is), he argues about it to try to prove you wrong, then puts his bible down never to read it again until the next person says something contrary to what his religion teaches. Do you know a person like this? Is this person you?
This is why I know the vast majority of people are not interested in knowing "the truth". People are not concerned about the truth. They just want a religion that makes them feel good. They want a religion that gives them hope when they are down. They want a religion that promises forgiveness when they do wrong, but doesn't require that they do right. They want a religion that allows them to determine for themselves what is right or wrong. They want a god they can control. They want a religion that promises them all the money they want. They want a religion that never holds them accountable for the wrong they do, but that punishes anybody that crosses them mercilessly. I can go on and on.
The Supreme Being would have had to leave us something to guide us along the paths of this life. It would have to be something tangible because we are physical beings. It would have to contain the words that reveal His way for us to live this life to its fullest. Car manufacturers give us a manual to show us what to do to get the optimal performance from the vehicle they invented. The Creator gave us the bible to teach us how to live best. This is why the bible must supercede your religion if you are sincere about serving The Eternal. Your religion is only pure and undefiled IF it is 100% Holy Bible... 99% won't do. Of course there are those who claim the bible has been altered and therefore can't be trusted. It's funny that they never do any research to prove their claim and they can't produce proof when asked. However, there is proof that the cannonized 66 books of the bible have been kept nearly 100% accurate. The exceptions including a few incorrect translations which can be cleared up by using a concordance.
Yet, people still argue their religion, claiming it is true, even when it is an obvious contradiction to what the bible says; such as with Good Friday, Easter and Christ's promise to be in the grave 3 days and 3 nights. Go figure. Well I have made a choice only a handful of people make: I believe the bible instead of religion that is not pure and undefiled which contradicts The Word.
I know most of you will do what my friend did... continue to believe your religion, argue with anyone who believes anything different, violate what your religion says when you get ready anyway, make excuses when you do wrong without repentance, but damn everybody that does you wrong to a hell that doesn't exist (at least not the way it's taught in religions), then go to church once or twice a year (Easter and Mother's Day) and pretend you really love The Lord. Tell me what's worse: a hypocrite or an atheist?

The Killing of Gaddafi

I wish people all over planet Earth were free; free to express themselves without fear of death, free to prosper through inventions, labor or services and free to be all that they were created to be.
The vast majority of people say they believe in justice, but do they really? If a dictator is being unfair in his treatment of his people by allowing them to be poor, oppressing them by withholding their human rights and taking the wealth of the land for himself to live lavishly, most of us would call the dictator unjust. If any of his people are killed when they are courageous enough to stand up to him, people all over the world would call for justice. His people would tell the world they are being misused. They would cry out for freedom. They would declare him a tyrant. He would be looked upon as doing wrong. It would be said that he practices injustice against his people. So Libyans said Gaddafi was mean, evil and bad. They said that because of how he treated his people.
In response, the United Nations brought in NATO along with the United States and Britian to "help" the Libyans become free from the oppression of Gaddafi.
The whole world watches on video or television as an army of soldiers capture Gaddafi and march him through the streets while he bleeds profusely from the head. The soldiers cheer and parade Gaddafi along as if he is a trophy. They manhandle him; mock him and remove some of his clothes. Gaddafi puts his hand to his bleeding head and looks at the blood from his head on his hand. In a later video we see Gaddafi dead; the soldiers placing his body on the street. Soldiers throughout the whole ordeal are filming all of this activity via cell phones. They are smiling, laughing and celebrating. They call this justice.
When I compare the treatment of Gaddafi in his last moments of life and even after his death to the treatment Gaddafti gave his people, I see no difference. Gaddafi forced his will on his people. The soldiers forced their will on Gaddafi. Gaddafi was celebrating life while his people suffered. Libyans celebrated while Gaddafi suffered and after his death. Gaddafi killed people in cold blood. The soldiers killed Gaddafi in cold blood and celebrated his death. What kind of people would celebrate someone's death?
Gaddafi was said to be a tyrant. Libyans called what he did wrong, but then they practiced what they said was wrong. They said he was unfair, but then they were unfair. They said he misused the people, yet they misused him. If Gaddafi was guilty of wrong doing, then the way he was treated must also be called wrong and the people are just as guilty as Gaddafi. How can you practice something that you declare is wrong without being a hypocrite? Two wrongs don't make a right. You can't be truly against mistreatment if you practice mistreatment. If you do someone wrong because they did you wrong, you can't possibly be against wrong doing. In such cases, you are only against wrong doing if it is practiced against you. However, it is fine when you practice it against someone else when you deem it appropriate to do so. That is blatant hypocrisy. Someone will say Gaddafi deserved to be treated with disrespect because he had no respect for his people, but you can rest assured that Gaddafi also had that same attitude about his people. He had convinced himself that his people loved him. He saw no wrong in what he was doing. The fact is you can justify anything you choose to do; especially if it benefits you.
Gaddafi should have been captured and handed over to the authorities alive. Since he was wounded, he should have been given medical attention immediately upon being captured; that would have been the right thing to do. There is an old saying, "Right don't wrong nobody". Wrong is wrong no matter who is doing it. If you retaliate by doing someone wrong for revenge because they did you wrong, you are no better than them.
I continue to observe in our worldwide society that the line between what is right and what is wrong is blurred. Everything is relative; no absolutes. The problem with that philosophy is that everything is fine unless you are the victim. The people with the money and power are usually the ones who make victims of others.
Before citizens remove their leader from office, they should already have a replacement chosen whom they know they can trust. Otherwise, they are in a position for the powerful and rich to put the person they want in office and the people will find themselves no better off than they were before.
So many people do wrong and call it right when they do it. Men used to be chivalrous. I saw an American woman reporter who was about to speak to the camera when she was physically knocked out of the way by Libyan men who wanted to have their say in front of the camera. The camera man responded by turning the camera off.
We need to establish a sure divide between right and wrong. People need to respect each other and treat others as they would want to be treated. Simply, do the right thing. If we are really going to commit to getting things straight, we have to return to God and obey His laws; that's the only way we will survive. AG

Protest Federal Reserve & IRS

The Occupy protesters have shown the world how city governments feel about its citizens when they reach a certain limit with their opposing attitudes. The public has seen police officers deliberately and blatantly spraying protesters with mace, while they non-violently sat down on the street peacefully. All indications are that Americans are on the verge of having a police state in our cities nationwide.
Military forces are being called in more frequently by the government to operate on the local level. Concentration camps (some which were previously military facilities) are cropping up all over America, after having been closed for years. They are now open, operable and ready for business. What business? I think we will be finding out very soon. Apparently, the American government is expecting a great display of displeasure by a multitude of its citizens in the near future and they are preparing to handle it. What could cause such an upheaval? economic collapse?... Americans finding out something the government has been hiding?... politicians passing a law that Americans find unacceptable?... world war three?...the possibilities are endless. Many of these concentration camps have thousands of coffins set up for multiple dead bodies. Laws have been passed to give the government power to take any citizen into custody without a trial, without notifying their family and to hold them indefinitely; all under the guise of protecting Americans from terrorists. Using terrorism as an excuse, the United States government has stripped its citizens of their constitutional rights. Prepare yourself for a very different America.
I do understand the anger of the Occupy Wall street protesters. There is so much to be angry about, but I think they need to get together and meet to look at the whole picture to discover what the ROOT of the problem really is. I would like to see the OCCUPY protesters target the FEDERAL RESERVE. Now that they have the attention of the public via media coverage, it is important that they take it to the next level. Rather than occupying the public parks, they should go to Washington D.C. and pressure congress to pass a bill to eliminate the Federal Reserve, which is the real problem when you know the truth. To solve this problem, more "everyday people" should run for political office. If the citizens would organize and discuss their concerns among themselves, make logical plans of action to solve their problems, then choose "grassroot" leaders to anchor the movement, they could become very successful in their endeavors. A unified people can accomplish much. If "we the people" are in political office, then "we the people" would make laws to address our concerns (as long as we don't sell out to the lobbyist like our present politicians have done). The trouble is our current politicians have sold out and don't represent the interest of the American people anymore. So we need to run for office, support our chosen candidates and address our interest ourselves. Another method to solve the problem is for citizens in every city and state of America to put pressure on congress to eliminate this private corporation that loans money to America with interest. Yes, our country BORROWS our money from the Federal Reserve and pays interest on every dollar, that is why we are 15 trillion dollars in debt. If our country printed its own money (like everybody thinks it does) we wouldn't have the deficit that exists. The Federal Reserve is not federal. (It should be illegal for them to use that name), but when you have mucho money to buy the politicians, you can get away with a lot. President Wilson started this problem back in the early 1900's when he made a deal with the international bankers to start the Federal Reserve in exchange for securing his presidency. Just like Federal Express is not federal, the Federal Reserve is a corporation owned by international bankers. All they are interested in is controlling our money!
Occupy Wall street protesters say they need leaders. I would like to let them know, the problem is the Federal Reserve first and the IRS second. Our constitution says only corporations should be taxed, not individuals. The same international bankers that own the Federal Reserve also created the IRS to tax individuals (which should be illegal.)
Occupy Wall street needs leaders who know what the problem is and will lead "Occupy" to congress to target the REAL problem that has this whole country failing: THE FEDERAL RESERVE and the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE.
The corporations who care less about the people can be controlled easily if the Federal Reserve is eliminated along with the IRS. Corporations are entities, not people. To take down the corporations, you have to get the people who hide behind the Corporation's name, hence its officers. The corporation's officers have to be targeted, not the corporation. First things first. 1) Eliminate the Federal Reserve 2) Eliminate the Internal Revenue Service 3) Target the Officers of the corporations who buy the politicians for their own selfish benefit.

Black Love is a Choice

You do choose who you fall in love with. Don't deceive yourself into thinking otherwise. You control yourself. You do what you want to do. You go where you want. You decide who you date. You know how you feel. You know what you are thinking. You know what your intentions are. You make your decisions based on what you want. All these things lead to who you choose to love. It's your choice. Nothing just happens. That is just an excuse people use when challenged or threatened by a decision they made, that they don't want to take responsibility for.

Some black women are attracted to white men, primarily due to their financial status and willingness to satisfy the black woman's material desires. God did establish the man as the head of the household. Therefore, it is wise for a woman to know that a man who is a perspective husband is mature, responsible and financially capable of supporting a family. However, a black woman should never dismiss a black man as a loser, simply because he is not presently in command of the almighty dollar equally as much as his white counterpart. 

Black women realize this: 

The white man may be able to give you a house, car and all the material things you want, quicker or sooner, in comparison to the average black man; but remember, it was the black man who MADE that white man. The black man brought and paid for the wealth of the white man via his blood, sweat and tears, working right beside the black woman. The black man built the white man's kingdom with slave labor. If the white man is king, then the black man is the king maker. So who is greater, the king or he who made the king a king? Since the black man made the white man king, YOUR black man, black sisters, is the king maker; and having made the white man king, the black man has proven that he has the power, intelligence and ability to make HIMSELF the king. Never disrespect your black man, black sisters. Don't see the black man only for what he is now, but see him for what he can and will be. When we return to our God and keep the covenant that we made with Him, we shall rule the Earth. Our reign will begin after the Gentile kingdoms. 

Some black men are attracted to white women for several reasons they have shared with me:

1)some black men like that white women tend to be more submissive, (because they have be kept), compared to the black woman who posesses leadership abilities; and have always stood beside her man rather than behind. Slavery and racism has also left the black man more dependent on the black woman. Therefore, he has not been able to function solely as the head of his family. Today, many black boys are being raised by single black mothers, whom they have to take orders from. So they like the concept of having a woman who will allow them to be the boss without a challenge.

2)some black men are curious about how it is to have a white woman. They see white women everywhere; TV commercials, movies, billboards, magazines, television, feature films etc., and she is usually depicted as glamourous. So they have been drawn in by the hype that the white woman is the ultimate woman, and they want to have what they perceive to be the best.

3)some black men want revenge against the white man for raping the black woman during slavery; a time at which the black man had no power to defend her. They want to show the white man, "I got YOUR woman now. Take that! You took mine from me. Now I'm taking yours. TOUCHE".

Black men realize this:

1)The black woman has never been respected as a lady since slavery. The white man abused her at will. She was his property. He took full advantage of that. The white man called himself a Christian, while raping the black woman and sodomizing the black man anytime he felt the urge. The black woman not only had to endure being raped repeatedly, but she had to hear the white man saying she liked it. If she vocalized her disapproval, it was at the risk of her life. She wanted to be rescued by her black man, but knew he was powerless to save her, and any attempt to do so meant certain death for him. The white man would keep the black man under control by taking the strongest, most virile black man, who was highly respected by his race; placing him before everyone and sodomizing him for all to see. The black woman had to see her black man stripped of his masculinity. She realized a masculine black man was a dead black man. So she raised her son to be submissive and docile to protect him. A black woman's strength and leadership, (within limitations) is not as threatening to the white race as is the black man's natural place as head of his family and anchor of his race. The black woman had to take the leadership role for the survival of the family and race. The affects of this are still being realized today. Anyone who thinks 150 years after the emancipation proclamation was signed by Lincoln, that we should be "over it by now" is naive or deliberately insensitive. Racism has kept the black race under oppression even until now.

2)Since we are a colonized people, of course the white woman is the face of glamour in this society. The black woman, on occassion, does get her 15 minutes in the sun, but it is short lived and usually not fully embraced by other races of people. The black man must know this society tells the black woman that she is undesirable, unattractive and worthless. Anything that denotes blackness is rejected: wooley hair, dark brown eyes, dark brown skin, full lips and buttocks etc. Why do you think black women straighten their hair, dye their hair blonde and adopt the white woman look? Black brothers, it's up to you to tell the black sisters that they are beautiful, just like they are, in their natural state. Tell them you love their natural wooley hair, and would prefer that they don't straighten it. Generously compliment their dark brown eyes, full lips, dark skin and all the natural black features that they have. Love your black woman and show it. Talk about your love for black women loud and often. Don't involve yourself in interracial relationships. 

3)Having a white woman is not the way to get revenge on the white man. You can have a white woman, and your race is still suffering racism, oppression and elimination. Your black race is still the last hired and the first fired on jobs, have the highest rate of unemployment consistently and when they are hired, they still earn less than their white counterparts statistically. Black people still don't earn college degrees and education at a comparable level to that of white people. Our neighborhoods are still run down in comparison to whites, even though we pay the same taxes. Black on black crime is still higher; than even policeman killing blacks, which in itself is high. Most black families are still headed by single mothers. Black men having a white woman is not solving these problems. If you want revenge on the white man, you need to stop dealing with the white woman and love your black woman, children and race. The only revenge is solving these mentioned problems and any other problems exclusive to our race. We are under covenant with God. When we realize we are God's chosen people, and we choose to keep His laws, we will be doing the most important thing for the healing of the black race and solving our problems. That is the best revenge. We ain't going no where without our God.

Black people, we must choose to love other black people exclusively for marriage, sex and reproduction. If you really love yourself and your race, only another black person is going to be your spouse and parent of your child. You are not an island. You are part of a race of people. Who you choose to deal with is a reflection of how you feel about yourself and your race. If you have a special love for your race, then marrying outside of your race is settling for less. If you love yourself and think you are the best and you are black, then only a black mate is best for you. If you don't think you are the best, then you would be asking any perspective mate to accept you, when even you don't think you are the best one for them. You don't do that to someone you really love. When you love someone, you want the very best for them. Love your race more than you love yourself. Never put yourself above your race. No one part is greater than the whole. You are part of the black race. You are not greater than the black race. If you love the black race more than you love yourself, then you will only marry someone black and have only pure black children. If you think you are attractive, then you think black is attractive and you want your spouse and your children to look just like you. If you prefer to marry outside your race, then you don't love your race enough. You are your race. If you don't love your race, you don't love yourself. Don't lie. If chocolate ice cream is your favorite, you will not order vanilla as your lifetime choice. 

Some black men want a white woman as a status symbol. These black men want to be white, but can't, so they get a white woman to get as close as they can to being white. They want to be accepted by whites and feel that a white woman will get them through the door. 

Meditate on this: There is something a black woman can do that no other woman can. 1)Create a black family 2)give a black man pure black children 3)and build a strong black nation with her black man. Only a black woman can do that. It takes a black woman to get that job done. 

I challenge black brothers to research the statistics on interracial relationships and their divorce rates. Several sources I visited on the internet reported that of all the combinations of interracial couples, the one that had the HIGHEST divorce rate was when a black man married a white woman. It appears that most of the black men who marry white women expect one thing and end up getting another. 

The combination of a black woman married to a white man has a lower divorce rate than when a white woman is married to a white man. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

"The role of gender in interracial divorce dynamics was highlighted when examining marital instability among black/white unions. White wife/black husband marriages have twice the divorce rates of white wife/white husband marriages. Whereas, black wife/white husband marriages are 44% less likely to divorce than white wife/white husband marriages". 

"During slavery mixed children had a black mother and a white father. However by the 1970's interracial marriages flipped to become more common between a black man and a white woman. For years intermarriages generally involved the educated and affluent people".

Here is what the Pew Research Center had to report:

"One of the most dramatic patterns occurs among black newlyweds. Black men are twice as likely as black women to have a spouse of a different race or ethnicity. (24% vs. 12%) This has long be true. In 1980, 8% of black men versus 3% of black women married someone of a different race or ethnicity".

In the last few years, this has changed. Noticeably, blacks are involved in interracial relationships in all income brackets from rich to poor. Men and women both. Black women who used to restrict themselves to black men, are now increasingly engaging in interracial relationships with men of other races, mostly white men. 

I believe much of this is a result of the barage of blacks being depicted in interracial relationships on TV commercials, TV shows, feature films, magazines, billboards and everywhere you look. This is being done deliberately. There is a plan for an increase in the mulatto population to gradually eliminate the black race.

More black people than ever are accepting the teaching that we are the chosen people of God who are descendants of the nation of Israel in the bible. It's important to realize that when blacks believed that the people residing in Israel today were the true Jews, marriage to blacks was forbidden; but now that blacks know we are the true 12 tribes of Israel (not just the Jews), suddenly we are being encouraged to dilute our bloodline by engaging in interracial relationships. Any black person whose ancestors where brought to the land they live in via slave ships are the true Israelites of the bible. The 12 tribes of Israel are scattered everywhere the slave ships went. Some of our brethren remain in Africa where we went when we first left the land of Israel.

If we are to become an independent race of people, we must choose to love ourselves. We must commit to marriage, sex and childbearing strictly with other Israelites. In the bible, Israel was commanded by God to restrict themselves to marry within their own tribe to protect their inheritance. 

Consider all the wealthy black entertainers, actors, businessmen and businesswomen, athletes and other VIP's who are married to anybody but a black person. If they all had followed the command of God, and married a black spouse, our race would be doing much better economically today. Think about it. The best wealth is generational wealth passed down within the family, within your race. Since so many blacks who have wealth, have married white or some different race, black wealth is consistently transferred to other races, mostly the white race. Mulatto children almost always marry someone white. Because of this, the black race is not much better off now economically than we were since the emancipation proclamation was signed. Our net worth reportedly has not changed much. When will we learn? Hosea 4:6   My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge...

I have been in the presence of white people who confided that they teach their daughters to go after the man who is the most likely to earn an income that will give her the best life, rather than putting love first. Many white women know, they have a great chance of being successful at wooing a black man, who is poised to sign a multimillion dollar contract; influencing him to marry them, as opposed to marrying a black woman, due to the 3 reasons mentioned previously. 

Despite a percentage of black people being duped into interracial relationships against the best interest of their race and therefore themselves, (anything that is against your race is against you), it is a fact that about 85% of black men still marry black women, (even though the divorce rate is sky high) and about 92% of black women still marry black men, when they do marry. Over 70% of black women are not married. 

The black race has adopted the lifestyle of the slave master. This has drawn us away from the laws of our God. We will continue to suffer dependence on the white race until we realize we are under convenant with God to keep His laws. When we begin to keep the covenant, we will receive the blessings promised to us in the convenant. We will become independent, and be known as the blessed chosen people of God, Israel. 

Black people tend to teach our children, when looking for a spouse, to put love first. The problem arises when we also say, "you can love anybody of any race". That is contrary to what God said. Look this scripture up in your bible: Numbers chapter 36   Israel is a race of 12 tribes of black people. God told Israel to marry only another Israelite. Black people are commanded by God to only marry other black people to protect our inheritance. Yet in disobedience, we have married interracially, transferring our inheritance to other races and now our race is one of the poorest. We will continue to experience high divorce rates, single mother families, high crime, poverty etc., until we realize and accept that we are still under covenant with God; requiring us to keep His laws, commandments and statutes daily for our lifetime. When we return to our God, we will reign supreme.