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                                                                                       AHAYAH ASHER AHAYAH

     In the original sacred scriptures, God revealed Himself as ELOHIM meaning God the Father and God the Son; two separate beings operating as one in perfect agreement. God gave Moses His personal name in Hebrew via the Burning Bush: AHAYAH ASHER AHAYAH interpreted "I will be what I will be" or "I am that I am" Exodus 3:14. AHAYAH, God's true name has been hidden or replaced with the names of idol gods, causing so much confusion that in Hosea 2:16, God prophesied He will no longer be called by the idol names of Baal as a master, but rather as Ishi our Husband. Many people are calling God by an idol's name unknowingly. The acronym for AHAYAH's name is HYH, not yhwh. The tetragrammaton: yhwh has been traced back to the names of idol gods and the names taken from yhwh are all names of an idol god written in the manuscripts of devil worshipers.
The son of God's name is IMMANUEL meaning God with us. The popular name referring to Immanuel (Jesus) has transformed from Hebrew to Aramaic to Latin to Greek to English: the original name YEHSHA became YESHA, YEHSHUA, YESHUA, YESHUWAH. The Greeks used the names IEOUS, JEOUS, JESUS in substitution of the Hebrew name YEHSHA.
Isaiah 43:3, Luke 1:26-35, Matthew 1:21-25 The angel Gabriel said what our savior was to be named. His name has been transliterated so many times into various languages that in some of the languages the transliterated name has no meaning in the other languages and in others it has a different meaning than the original language; but Matthew 1:21 gives us the key to what His name is: SALVATION. Go to the concordance and look up the word "salvation". You will find the savior's name: Yeshuwah or Yesha as the Hebrew name of our savior. Romans 10:13 tells us there is salvation in His name and no other. Therefore, it is important to know the name Immanuel (Yehsha) to be saved. Isaiah 12:2, Jonah 2:9, Exodus 15:2, Psalms 28:8, Isaiah 62:1, Psalms 35:9
The Holy Spirit is the POWER, WISDOM and LIFE FORCE of God. It is the means by which AHAYAH does His great works and miracles. The Holy Spirit is God, the Spirit. Immanuel is God, the Son and there is also God, the Father. Colossians 2:2  That their hearts might be comforted, being knit together in love, and unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the acknowledgement of the mystery of God (the Holy Spirit), and of the Father (Father God), and of Christ (Immanuel the Christ).

     God's real name is AHAYAH. Exodus 3:13-15 This name distinguishes Him from all other gods. It identifies Him as the Eternal; Self Existing One and only living God, the Creator of all; the Holy One of Israel. The God of the Old Testament is the same God in the New Testament before He was born of the virgin Miriam (Mary). 1Corinthians 10:1-4, John 8:53-58 Immanuel the Son is the Word. John 1:1-4,14 The Word became flesh and had been the only contact we had with God until after the ascension. God the Father never had any personal relationship with people until after Immanuel the Christ, the Son of God, finished His Earthly work and ascended to heaven to sit on the right hand of AHAYAH the Father as our high priest and savior. We can now pray to AHAYAH the Father and have a personal relationship with Him. John 14:6

     We see AHAYAH as The Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent Supreme Being. AHAYAH is perfect. The great mystery of AHAYAH is that He is the best that He can be; so good that He can't get better, yet He does. AHAYAH is love. Because AHAYAH is love, He is always growing, improving and expanding. AHAYAH is eternal. AHAYAH is infinite; always getting better. Bible translations are not always accurate. John 1:1 AHAYAH is His word as expressed in the ORIGINAL Hebrew and Greek scriptures. AHAYAH is the bible. The bible is AHAYAH's Word. We believe in AHAYAH the Father and Immanuel the Son. We acknowledge Immanuel as God the Son. Immanuel the Son is the savior of the world. He is the Word Who became flesh and dwelt among us. He died at Calvary being crucified for our sins. He resurrected from the dead after descending to the depths of the earth to defeat Satan. He ascended to heaven and now sits at the right hand of AHAYAH the Father as our great high priest. We believe Immanuel the Christ lived a life without sin. Sin is the transgression of any of AHAYAH's laws. We live a sinless life through the power of the Holy Spirit. Zechariah 4:6 We believe the Holy Spirit is the power of AHAYAH. We repent if we sin. We believe AHAYAH forgives sin when repentance is sincere. Repentance should be immediate upon realizing you have sinned. We believe in salvation by grace.

    The ten commandments bear the distinction of being the ONLY WORDS in the bible WRITTEN by AHAYAH Himself with His OWN FINGER. Exodus 31:18 This fact alone proves that the ten commandments are eternal. NONE OF THE TEN COMMANDMENTS CAN BE CHANGED. The fourth commandment designates the seventh day, Saturday, as the true Sabbath. Exodus 20:8-11 We are committed to keeping all of AHAYAH's laws, commandments and statutes. Those of you who are convicted in keeping AHAYAH's laws are welcome to become a part of us as a grafted-in brother or sister if you are born of a different bloodline. In comparison, Deuteronomy 28:68, those of you who are of the black race descendant from slaves who were transported from Africa to other countries around the world; are the true bloodline Hebrew-Israelites from birth. If you are black and your ancestors are the slaves who were taken from Africa and transported to other lands via ships, you are the Hebrew-Israelites of the bible of the bloodline of Shem, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Immanuel our savior, Paul the apostle etc. We are God's chosen people. We are Hebrew-Israelite Christians of no denomination. Acts 11:25-26, Acts 26:27-29, 1Peter 4:14-16 Our goal is to make a difference by living and speaking the truth. We are convicted in keeping AHAYAH's laws and committed to doing His will.

     The old testament laws were written by AHAYAH upon stone, but the new testament laws are written by AHAYAH upon the hearts of His people to be kept faithfully. 2Corinthians 3:3, Jeremiah 31:31-33

     AHAYAH's church began in the wilderness under the leadership of Moses, the servant of AHAYAH. Exodus 5:1, Exodus 7:16, Acts 7:37-38, Romans 11:1-4 This church congregation is Israel. Physical (biological) Israel are those born from the loins of Shem; Noah's son, through the lineage of Jacob, whose name AHAYAH changed to Israel. Hebrew-Israelites are the "natural branches" of the olive tree. Spiritual Israel is ALL PEOPLE who obey AHAYAH by keeping His laws and doing His will. These people are the "wild branches" of the olive tree, since they are not bloodline Hebrew-Israelites. Romans 11:13-23 The biblical God of Israel is our God. Our black ancestors are Shem, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Immanuel, Paul and their descendants. We are the TRUE physical lineage of the Hebrew-Israelites in the bible. AHAYAH, the Eternal, created all that exists and rules all. He is the ONLY true and living God and we are His people both spiritually and physically.

    There are people who fear the truth about history. There are others who don't know the truth. When some people hear the truth, they call it a lie because they don't want to accept it and they try to hide the truth so no one else will know it. We tell the truth. We give proof. Some people can't handle the truth. We continuously research our beliefs to confirm their truth and accuracy. Practically all religious people do not know why they believe what they believe, because they accept their religion without proof. AHAYAH said prove all things. 1Thessalonians 5:21

     The black man was the first human being created by AHAYAH. The black woman was the second human. She was formed from the black man's rib. There is archaeological and historical evidence that black people were the first rulers on the earth. Scientists are using DNA to also prove this is true. Black people were made in the image of AHAYAH with one distinct difference that no other race has, which proves blacks are the ORIGINAL RACE. Daniel 7:9 and Revelation 1:14 AHAYAH HAS WOOLY HAIR. Black people are the only race with AHAYAH's hair. Also Revelation 1:15 and Ezekiel 1:27 describe AHAYAH from His chest down to His feet as being the COLOR of fine brass burning in fire, which is the color ranging from dark brown to black; the complexion of black people. Factually in the beginning, all people on the earth were black. Adam and Chavvah (Eve) were black. Their children/descendants were black. People migrated to other lands over centuries, which is when AHAYAH created the other races/nations. All other races/nations DERIVED from the black race/nation as stated by the bible in Acts 17:26

                                                                                       A FREE GIFT FOR YOU

God gave us a GIFT for our healing, forgiveness for our sins, help with our problems, and even a promise of prosperity for our obedience to His laws. He is our savior. His name is Immanuel the anointed one. Repent of your sins today and accept this gift to receive all these blessings, AND eternal life in the world tomorrow with God the Father, Immanuel who is God the Son and all the great heavenly host. Don't be deceived. You must keep God's laws for salvation. Read Matthew 19 where Christ equates salvation with keeping the 10 commandments. Read the whole bible, the old AND new testaments. Learn God's laws. Keep God's laws daily. Put the bible above religion. Love God above all else. Ask God to give you His Holy Spirit to aid you in living a righteous life. GOD UNDERSTANDS YOU. Read the bible so you can understand what He expects from you; then do it. Immanuel the Christ is God's gift to you. Will you accept it?

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