There are people who fear the truth about history. There are others who don't know the truth. When some people hear the truth, they call it a lie because they don't want to accept it and they try to hide the truth so no one else will know it. We tell the truth. We give proof. Some people can't handle the truth. We continuously research our beliefs to confirm their truth and accuracy. Practically all religious people do not know why they believe what they believe, because they accept their religion without proof. AHAYAH said prove all things. 1Thessalonians 5:21

The black man was the first human being created by AHAYAH. The black woman was the second human. She was formed from the black man's rib. There is archaeological and historical evidence that black people were the first rulers on the earth. Scientists are using DNA to also prove this is true. Black people were made in the image of AHAYAH with one distinct difference that no other race has, which proves blacks are the ORIGINAL RACE. Daniel 7:9 and Revelation 1:14 AHAYAH HAS WOOLY HAIR. Black people are the only race with AHAYAH's hair. Also Revelation 1:15 and Ezekiel 1:27 describe AHAYAH from His chest down to His feet as being the COLOR of fine brass burning in fire, which is the color ranging from dark brown to black; the complexion of black people. Factually in the beginning, all people on the earth were black. Adam and Chavvah (Eve) were black. Their children/descendants were black. People migrated to other lands over centuries, which is when AHAYAH created the other races/nations. All other races/nations DERIVED from the black race/nation as stated by the bible in Acts 17:26

Deuteronomy 28:64-68 is a prophecy identifying the true Hebrew-Israelites. Notice Deuteronomy 28:45-46 calls these curses a "sign" identifying who the Hebrew-Israelites really are. There is no race or nation of people ever in history who fulfill this prophecy except the Black Americans and the other blacks brought to the west on slave ships by the 1100's through the 1800's. For they are the only people BROUGHT to a foreign land as slaves via ships as stated would happen in this prophecy. They are the only people who fulfill ALL the curses mentioned in Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 26.
The Arabs were the first to enslave the Hebrew-Israelites who were dispersed into Africa. As early as the 600's, the Arabs sold the chosen people of God into slavery. During the spread of Islam by the 1100's ongoing, the Arabs participated in the slave trade of Blacks from the Arabian peninsula to northern Africa and all the way to Spain.

Later by the 1600's, encouraged by the Pope of the Catholic church, Europe, led by England, dominated the Trans Atlantic Slave Trading of the black Hebrew-Israelites.
Notice this prophecy says "The Lord will bring Israel BACK TO EGYPT". The original name for the land of Egypt is Mizraim. Egypt in this prophecy means "a condition of slavery" because the meaning of Egypt is bondage. This prophesy states that God's chosen people, the true Hebrew-Israelites, would be enslaved TWICE: This was fulfilled once in Egypt in the time of Moses with Pharaoh and then again by the 1100's to the 1800's great slave trade from Africa to the United States, the West Indies a.k.a. the Caribbean, i.e. Haiti, Jamaica and the Bahamas; Europe, Mexico, Central America and South America etc. Many of the slaves were exchanged for merchandise rather than sold for money. The first slaves arrived in the U.S.A. at Jamestown, Virginia on Monday, August 26, 1619. The Emancipation Proclamation was first proposed on Monday, September 22, 1862 during the civil war; but became effective on Thursday, January 1, 1863. However, those who refused to free their slaves moved to Texas; the only state that allowed slavery to continue, dispite the federal law freeing slaves. On Monday, June 19, 1865, which became known as Juneteenth, the remaining slaves in Texas were then freed; resulting in all the slaves in the United States of America finally becoming free. Afterwards, Jim Crow laws were passed to ensure that the former slaves were not truly free at all. Until black people return to our God by obeying His laws as a way of life, we will not sustain any significant progress. Consider the Black Wall Street of Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1921. This was an example of the ingenious potential for prosperity within the black community to overcome adversity and opposition to build a black nation. These black people in the Greenwood District were of the wealthiest people in America. Within about a 40 block radius, they owned: 21 restaurants, 30 grocery stores, 2 movie theatres and had 6 privately owned airplanes to their credit. They had hospitals, hotels, churches, schools and were virtually independent of the white establishment. Threatened by this fact, the white community responded by attacking the Greenwood District of Tulsa, Oklahoma on May 31st and June 1st in 1921; called the single worst incident of racial violence in American history. The attack was perpetrated via air with aircraft used to bomb homes, stores, businesses, hotels, etc., and by looters and rioters on foot, who burned down all the businesses, houses and killed black people. 300 blacks were dead as a result. Property damage in real estate, as well as loss of personal property, if calculated in today's cost (for the year 2020) would total $32.25 million. 10,000 black people were left homeless. Their property was never recovered, nor were they compensated for it from insurance companies. Each time black people progress, the powers that be will do something to nullify it consistently. Black people must stop breaking our covenant with God. Keeping our covenant with God will bring divine protection, favor, prosperity, good health, abundant reproductive ability and judgement upon our enemies as promised in the covenant. God will fight our battles. Otherwise, we will continue to suffer needlessly as we have done thus far.  
Beginning in 1619 through 1850 there was a dramatic increase in slave trading of the Hebrew-Israelites that numbered into the millions. These Black people were forced into slavery and as stated in the prophecy "no one would buy their freedom". Leviticus 25:48-50 The word "you" in Deuteronomy 28:68 was added and is in italics in most bibles. These biological (physical) Hebrew-Israelites are the black people brought to America and the other countries on slave ships from Africa during the slave trade.
Black Americans are Hebrew-Israelites born in the lineage of Shem via Jacob whose name became Israel. The black Africans who sold these slaves are descendants of Ham. The black slaves brought to the west on slave ships are descendants of Shem. Some descendants of Shem remain in Africa. Both Noah and his wife were black and begot 3 black sons: Shem, Ham and Japheth. The land known today as the Middle East was once a part of Africa. There are old maps that prove this fact. Notice the African countries mentioned in Genesis revealing the lineage of Shem and Ham. African blacks are from the lineage of Ham as recorded in Genesis 10:6-20 American blacks are from the lineage of Shem as recorded in Genesis 10:22-31 Non-blacks are from the lineage of Japheth as recorded in Genesis 10:2-5 Notice non-blacks are called Gentiles in Genesis 10:5 Japheth married a non-black woman, while both his brothers each had a black wife. Ham and Shem both produced a lineage of black people. For proof of this fact: Moses was a Hebrew, but was able to be mistaken as an Egyptian by Pharaoh, the whole country of Egypt and others. The Hebrews are from the lineage of Shem and the Egyptians are from the lineage of Ham, but both are black races. Exodus 2:17-21 Also AHAYAH the God of Israel sent the parents of our savior Christ Yehsha (Immanuel) to Egypt because He was a Jew; so that He would be among other blacks like Him and therefore hidden from Herod, preventing His premature death. Matthew 2:13-15
Between 722 B.C. and 70 A.D., the God of Israel scattered His people, the Hebrew-Israelites to all nations due to their sins. Hosea 8:8 AHAYAH set before them to choose the way of living that would bring either blessings or curses. This is not the erroneous curse of Ham, which is a lie that has been passed down for generations. In Daniel 9:9-12 AHAYAH confirmed His prophecy that no people on Earth would ever experience suffering greater than or equal to His chosen people for their sins against Him. They are suffering the curses mentioned in Deuteronomy 28:15-68 and Leviticus 26:14-46 There are no people in history these curses apply to more than the blacks who were brought to the west on slaves ships; proving they are the true Hebrew-Israelites. These blacks have lost their true identity, heritage, language, name, culture, history, land, wealth and religion; just as AHAYAH the God of Israel said they would. Jeremiah 17:1-4 In this scripture "forever" means until Christ returns. Had they kept their covenant with AHAYAH, they would have received the blessings mentioned in Deuteronomy 28:1-14 and Leviticus 26:1-13 The Hebrew-Israelites broke the covenant that they made with their God whose name is AHAYAH. As a result, AHAYAH punished them with slavery. Isaiah 42:23-25 After so many generations have passed, their descendants today are unknowingly serving idol gods. They are being ruled over by those who hate them and will continue to suffer, unless they repent as a people, until Christ Yehsha (Immanuel) returns to this Earth. The Gentiles served idol gods and influenced the Hebrew-Israelites to do so too. The Hebrew-Israelites had AHAYAH, the only true and living God, but failed to faithfully serve Him. The black Americans and other blacks brought to the west on slave ships from Africa are the original Hebrew-Israelites recorded in the holy bible as God's chosen people. Some of the Hebrew-Israelites were left behind in Africa. AHAYAH says: "O Israel, return unto your God."
After the Great Tribulation, AHAYAH will gather the Hebrew-Israelites back to their homeland in the New Jerusalem, Israel and will punish their enemies. Joel 3:1-21 Deuteronomy 30:1-7

Read 1Kings 12:12-24 The twelve tribes of Israel were divided into two separate nations when Rehoboam became king of Israel. This is a fact few people know. King David's son Solomon was the last king to reign over all twelve tribes of Israel. Rehoboam was Solomon's son. He lost favor with ten of the tribes of Israel. These ten tribes rebelled against him and made his enemy Jeroboam their king. Notice Rehoboam only reigned as king over two tribes: the tribe of Judah (the Jews) and the tribe of Benjamin. They became known as the nation (kingdom) of Judah or the Jews.
Jeroboam reigned as king over all the other ten tribes: Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Zebulun, Issachar, Dan, Gad, Asher, Naphtali and Joseph, who was represented by his sons: Ephraim & Manasseh. Joshua 17:16-18 They became known as the nation (kingdom) of Israel or the Israelites. Take note that all Jews are Israelites, but not all Israelites are Jews because the name Israel usually refers to all twelve tribes, but the Jews only refer to the tribe of Judah. So many people are confused by thinking the Jews are the only Israelites. They are not.

Both the nation of Israel and the nation of Judah continued to sin against AHAYAH their God. As punishment AHAYAH scattered them into all nations. First, He scattered the ten tribes called Israel in 722 B.C. via the Assyrian invasion. Later, He scattered the two tribes called Judah in 70 A.D. via the Babylonian invasion. Afterwards, God's chosen people continued to be scattered into other nations. The land of Israel was left with no inhabitants. The name "Israel" can either refer to the chosen people of God AND/OR the land God promised to them.

Read Obadiah 1:1-8 Today the land of Israel is mainly occupied by the descendants of Esau (Edom) who are deceiving the whole world into believing they are the original Israelites by calling themselves "the Jews". The Edomites actually took possession of the land of Israel after 70 A.D., when AHAYAH the God of Israel scattered the true Israelites into all nations due to their sins as recorded in the Holy Scriptures. Read Obadiah 1:9-21 After occupying the land of Israel, the Edomites took on the identity of the Israelites and have since been mistaken to be the Jews. Genesis 9:27, Genesis 10:3 The Ashkenazis, descendants of Noah's son Japheth, also dwell in todays land of Israel along with a few other ethnicities.
The Edomites are Hebrews, but they are not Israelites. The Edomites are from the lineage of Shem through Esau. The Israelites are Hebrews from the lineage of Shem through Jacob. God changed Jacob's name to Israel. The Edomites and Israelites have been at odds since being conceived as fraternal twins in their mother Rebekah's womb. Genesis 25:19-34 An extraordinary thing happened concerning Esau. There is no mention of Jacob's (Israel's) race or complexion, because his skin was black like his parents and ancestors. However, Esau's skin was remarkable due to it being different from everyone born before him. Esau was to be the patriarch of a different race and nation of people. Genesis 25:23 This nation would consistently struggle and compete with the Israelites. Esau sold his birthright to Jacob. The birthright is essential because it establishes that the firstborn son receives the lion's share of his father's wealth which is passed down via bloodline to all the firstborn sons for generations of descendants. The birthright of the firstborn son guarantees his children and his children's children down through the ages the blessings not promised to the other children of his father. Esau didn't respect this fact. In selling his birthright to Jacob, he sold the future of his descendants away. It would have been better to die with the birthright than to sell it and live. If Esau had died with the birthright, because he was the firstborn, Jacob would have had to marry Esau's wife and raise up seed for Esau instead of himself. Genesis 38:6-10 Esau only cared about his birthright when the time came for him to receive the blessings for it. Jacob received them instead. Hence, the struggle between the brothers.

The nation of Israel was originally all black people, but as people from other nations accepted the God of Israel as their own, Israel became a mixed multitude. Exodus 12:38 Later Israel separated from the mixed multitude, because God forbids interracial marriage within Israel. Nehemiah 13:1-3  Joshua 23:12-13 Christ Immanuel's genealogy, as recorded in the bible, reveals multiple nations of black people: Matthew 1:1-17 via Miriam (Mary) and Luke 3:23-38 via Yosef (Joseph). There was no year zero. Christ Immanuel was born on the Sabbath (Saturday), September 2nd in the year 5 B.C., which was the day of the Feast of Trumpets; was hung on a tree Wednesday, April 5th in the year 30 A.D.; which was the Passover evening, and was resurrected within 3 days on the Sabbath (Saturday), April 8th; by sunset. He then ascended into heaven Sunday morning at sunrise during the time of the wave sheaf offering on April 9th.

ALL RACES COME FROM THE SAME BLOOD. Acts 17:26 And AHAYAH has made from one blood all the nations/races of the Earth, and has determined their pre-appointed times and the boundaries of their habitation.
The Black race is the original race by which all others races derived. Black people have the first and original bloodline.

AHAYAH's church began in the wilderness under the leadership of Moses, the servant of AHAYAH. Exodus 5:1, Exodus 7:16, Acts 7:37-38, Romans 11:1-4 This church congregation is Israel. Physical (biological) Israel are those born from the loins of Shem; Noah's son, through the lineage of Jacob, whose name AHAYAH changed to Israel. Spiritual Israel is ALL PEOPLE who obey AHAYAH by keeping His laws and doing His will. Romans 11:13-23 The biblical God of Israel is our God. Our ancestors are Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their descendants. We are the TRUE physical lineage of the Hebrew-Israelites in the bible. AHAYAH, the Eternal, created all that exists and rules all. He is the ONLY true and living God and we are His people both spiritually and physically.

"The family is the foundation of a nation"                                                             Dr. Anne Godly


1Kings 8:51-53  God has separated Israel from all other people as His inheritance and chosen people